Happy Halloween!

Skelly doll done ✔. It only took 2 years 
to attach the arms and legs.

I finished sewing his treat sack last night and today I watched him do the costume parade at school with his favorite classmate, Niki. I can't wait for tonight. I really think that we may make it to two or three houses successfully. If we can do all 5 hou

I hope you are all having a fun time trick or treating!


jeanne e. said...

so cute! i love that jack-o-lantern fabric...i have a half yard and haven't cut into it yet...

Anonymous said...

too much cuteness in this post!!
i love that little skeleton, i still think you should put a santa hat on him and leave him out for a couple more months!

Freddie said...

We had altogether too much sugar. Other than that it was fun.
Like your cuddly skeleton.

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