Pony Club Update

I apologize for the grainy quality of the Instagram photos, but I thought that I should update my progress here. I am having a blast with these blocks and each one feels like its own success. That is what I love best about samplers.  Each block feels like an accomplishment.  A quilt made of a bunch of the same blocks just doesn't hold a similar satisfaction for me.

A Dandy
I am not a competitive sport person, but the feeling I get from this block is what I imagine a touchdown would feel like. I have a fluttering joy in my chest and an urge to jump up and pump my fist. A Dandy block, #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

New Jersey
New Jersey block #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

Colt's Corral
I adore using the Dowry fabric in these blocks. Colt's Corral block #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

Hen and Her Chicks
Looking at these blocks makes me feel a little warmer. Hen and Her Chicks block #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

Children's Delight
Children's Delight block #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

July Fourth
July Fourth block #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

Maud's Album
Showing three if the easier blocks from the book tonight.    Maud's Album Quilt block #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

Sheep Fold
Sheep Fold block #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

The first four y-seams were fine and then the last two had to be rescued with some hand stitching. Ribbons block #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

Like I mentioned in my last post, if you are tempted by these blocks, please get the book and join in. I'd love to see more versions of these blocks and of this sampler quilt.

In the meantime, I've been getting tempted by a few other samplers out there.  Do you have a favorite sampler that you think I should know about?

Pony Club Sampler

My Farmer's Wife quilt isn't done yet. That hand quilting only happens when I'm in the mood. And right now I'm in the mood for another sampler quilt.

I am SO excited to start this quilt.

The Pony Club Sampler has 8" finished blocks and much of the piecing is more complex.  I don't think I'll get away with only paper piecing three of these blocks.

I'm doing the whole quilt in Anna Maria Horner fabrics.  I love her vibrant color schemes and wild patterns.  I usually choose things that are more tame, so this will be a challenge for me.  The first block here is Mayflower and has four y-seams.  I was pleased with how much easier they were compared to my first attempt at y-seams on the Homemaker block (first 3 attempts not photographed because it looked awful!).

I couldn't wait until January 1st. Only 12 pieces seemed like an easy return to sampler blocks. How did I not notice 4 y-seams? But I did rock them if I do say so myself. Mayflower block #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

Here is the Boy's Playmate block.  I am adding some vivid solids in with the AMH fabrics.

Boy's Playmate #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

Here is the At the Depot block

At the Depot #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

and Old Indian Trail block. 

Catching up on pictures before I start making some more blocks today. Old Indian Trail #ponyclubquilt #annamariahorner

 I'd love to have anyone else join in on sewing this sampler in 2014.  I'm trying to recruit people to join on Instagram or on Flickr.
Are you working on a sampler of any kind?  I'd love to hear about it.