No theme today, just a bunch of miscellaneous photos.

Yesterday I finished knitting a hat to match Ben's scarf from last year.  Turn a Square hat by Jared Flood.

Perfect  for the foot of snow we got over the last two days.  It was a good sticky snow that hung on all of the tree branches and now is frozen there with our 7 degree weather today.  I saw some fantastic snowmen in the neighborhood, but I didn't have my camera with me.  Maybe tomorrow.

I've been busy taking pictures of Henry indoors instead.  
Here's a glamour shot on the blankie I made early this year.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I know I will. Henry and I are meeting up in La Crosse with Melissa from the Knitting Sandwich.  I'm so excited!

Six Months!

This guy is getting so big.  I know that is a cliche, but the surprise of a momma is very sincere.  When Henry's first two teeth came in I just looked at him in amazement and told Ben, "We made one that can grow and make things like teeth."  Ben said, "You mean we didn't make a dud?"

P.S.--Yes, that is a momma handknit.  Started in May before he was born but finished just in time for winter wearing and before he grows out of it.