Bee Finishes

I finished my last quarter for the 3x6 Bee in July, but I volunteered to make an angel block, so this is my last block for that bee.  I pulled out my sketchbook and drew a block of quarter square triangles and then drew a few lines and erased a few others and came up with this:

angel block

And the May Moms Bee finished last month but I was stalling biding my time before digging into this paper pieced block.  I used the paper piecing pattern from this tutorial.  I also used freezer paper and cut it 1/4" bigger than the original pattern piece and then precut all of my fabric so i didn't waste as much of it.  I have always loved this block, but Veronique sent some amazing fabrics for me to use.  I used all of the Japanese fabrics in the first block and added only a couple of red polka dots.

veronique block 1

I used all of the brights in the second block and added a few to balance the block to my eye.  I love how she chose a lot of white background prints which adds an extra visual layer to this block.  My eye has to scan it closer to see that pattern, and I love it.

veronique block 2

Now I just need to make the time to finish up some of my bee quilts. That would be quite an accomplishment.  :)

Done with 3 out of 4

Poor Henry.  
He always gets short changed with the gifting because he lives here and he doesn't know any better.  I've been working on an I Spy quilt for him for almost a year now.  His was the first one, but now his is the last of four.  Below you'll see photos the third one.  It was finished this week.  
(Here are links to the first and the second I Spy quilts.)

mittens and mushrooms

full quilt

The fabric is on order to finish Henry's quilt.  He does walk past every pile of fabric in the house (and there are many, I'm afraid) and he says, "bwankie."  I think it is high time he get his own.

6 of 1, half a dozen of another

Six more Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks that is.

farmer's wife sampler, block 39

farmer's wife sampler, block 30

farmer's wife sampler, block 17

farmer's wife sampler, block 29

farmer's wife sampler, block 49

farmer's wife sampler, block 1

This project is anything but boring. And without duplicating fabrics, I still have no shortage of options for upcoming blocks. Have you ever made a sampler? Or have you ever tried to mix all of your favorite fabrics in one quilt? I'd love to hear about it :)

Give one, make four.

Last week I posted some Farmer's Wife Sampler blocks and offered to give one away to someone that might want it.  Thank you to all that left comments suggesting that I should keep the block and still use it in the quilt.  I appreciate hearing other opinions, but I also feel good about sending it off.  I drew names and got Cassie.  I'll sending you a message now, Cassie.

I've been sewing more blocks for the sampler--kind of obsessively, actually.  

This block makes me think of goldfinches flying on a cloudy day.

The aqua dot print is Daisies and Dots from by Piece O' Cake Designs.  
I love this fabric too too much. 

I heart the Japanese cherry fabric in this block.

I had intended for the red fabric to be the central one in this block, 
but those bright blue dots call out to my eyes first.  Oh well :)

Now I'm off to go sew some more!  Somebody may have to stop me.


The drawback of giving crafted goods as gifts is that you can't show pictures (or shout from the rooftops) when the gift is done.  I'm not known as a patient person.  But this time I was very good and waited for the giftee to open her quilt before showing pics.  And, she opened the mail today, so I open my blogger account :)

Here it is, the Mommy Love quilt:

front with sun

You will note that the quilt has no binding in that photo.  There is a good reason for that and it all starts more than two and a half years ago.  When I was pregnant with Henry, I joined the Knocked Up Knitters forum on ravelry.

(If you knit and you haven't joined ravelry, you must.  Now.  Seriously, don't read the rest of this post.  shoo.)  
(If you don't knit, go ask someone patient to teach you.  Knitters love converting non-knitters.)   

On that group I met a bunch of wonderful women that were due the same month.  Once the little ones were born, we started a moms group on ravelry.  Since then, we've shared the frustrations and delights of newborns, babies and now toddlers.  I love these women and their children as much as any close friend that I've met in person.  Last year I talked some of them into joining a quilting bee with me and I've converted a few of them into becoming some great sewists, too.  And, when we heard that one mom was having baby #2, we had to plan something.

The blocks of this quilt were made by seven women and sent to my friend, R.  She pieced the top and border and sent it to me.  I pieced the back and quilted it and sent it to J.  J bound the quilt and sent it to our giftee.  (That's why my photos have no binding.)

My favorite part about this quilt is the all of the love tucked in every stitch.  So, when I took it to use the longarm machine, I put our names in.  This is the first time I tried to write words in my quilting, but I think I'll be doing it again. 

even more names

more names


Who needs a printed label?  

The rest of the quilting is just a swirly loop-di-loop that I like. 
I think the curves balance the square-ness of the quilt design.


Oh! The quilt design is from a Moda Bakeshop pattern, here.

And, now I feel better.  I have so many old projects that never end, so I have to take the 
finishes and holler out--"See? I can finish something!"

Now just imagine the brown binding around the edges, okay? 

And cultivate your friendships wherever you find them.  :)

front with sun

The good and the ugly.

I have a new batch of Farmer's Wife blocks. The last time I showed some blocks for this quilt.  I talked about how hard I was trying to make new fabric choices that don't match to my usual taste. 
Well, this week I had three results that I liked. 

...I also made one block that I just can't stand.

farmer's wife sampler, block 11

farmer's wife sampler, block 10
it's okay

farmer's wife sampler, block 32
I love this one!

But I just can't tolerate the block below.  There is something about that purple and aqua and the orange tones from the tree fabric that makes the back of my neck itch.  I cannot abide this block in my quilt.  But one lesson that I've learned from flickr is that everyone has different tastes.  If you happen to be a person that would like or use this block, let me know.  I'll mail it anywhere just to give it a good home, and I'll probably tuck something else cute in the package. :)

(I've had a couple of people express interest in the block.  
I'll put names in a hat and pull a name next week!)

uh uh.

Can you tell me about a block or project where the colors just set your teeth on edge? 
Links to a post or photos of the project are welcome :)


My name is Melinda, and I might have a problem...





...but gosh they are pretty.  I'm getting really excited about the back of my Farmer's Wife quilt. 

I took a break from sewing some more.

I've been a hexie making machine the last four days, but I did take a brief break to make these bee blocks for a friend in the May Moms Bee. 

bee block for knittykaren

These are the double hourglass blocks from the Cluck Cluck Sew tutorial.  Super quick and super satisfying sewing makes me happy!

I've got a bunch of other bee blocks to make, but I think I have to get these hexies out of my system first.  I should have more pictures of those to show tomorrow.

I hope you are having a fun holiday weekend!