The good and the ugly.

I have a new batch of Farmer's Wife blocks. The last time I showed some blocks for this quilt.  I talked about how hard I was trying to make new fabric choices that don't match to my usual taste. 
Well, this week I had three results that I liked. 

...I also made one block that I just can't stand.

farmer's wife sampler, block 11

farmer's wife sampler, block 10
it's okay

farmer's wife sampler, block 32
I love this one!

But I just can't tolerate the block below.  There is something about that purple and aqua and the orange tones from the tree fabric that makes the back of my neck itch.  I cannot abide this block in my quilt.  But one lesson that I've learned from flickr is that everyone has different tastes.  If you happen to be a person that would like or use this block, let me know.  I'll mail it anywhere just to give it a good home, and I'll probably tuck something else cute in the package. :)

(I've had a couple of people express interest in the block.  
I'll put names in a hat and pull a name next week!)

uh uh.

Can you tell me about a block or project where the colors just set your teeth on edge? 
Links to a post or photos of the project are welcome :)


Lucy | Charm About You said...

I love them all :)
This is so funny because only today I've been thinking about my next quilt being one for my mum... and her favourite colours are?... PURPLE and TURQOISE!! I have no idea how to combine them but this block looks like a really good start to me. She also has a bay tree outside her house that is the same shape as that orange one!
If you are so inclined to pass it to me I would love to incorporate it into a quilt for her!
Lucy x

Cassie said...

I actually really like that one! I am having a problem with the colors of the swoon quilt I am making my parents. I had them pick out the fabric and apparently my mom doesn't do neutrals so it has a bright blue looks okay I guess but I wouldn't be able to look at it all the time. As long as they like it that's all the matters I suppose.

In other news, I love the pop of orange in your bowtie block :)

lily boot said...

it's not that bad! But I do understand what you mean - I made a heap of little needlepointed christmas stockings a few years back and the one I hated (the colour combination was revolting) was the one my mum liked best of all. I suppose there's a good reason why some colours work really really well - I mean red, green and white is always so marvellous. I often think of the countries' flags - which are the colours that are most common - they're obviously the ones we like the most!

Anonymous said...

I can see why you think that, but in all honesty, there are sooo many blocks in that quilt that I'm sure it'll just blend. But, I also know that once you hate something, it can stand out like a sore thumb. I don't think it's aweful... I actually really like it!

Feel free to send it to me! I haven't been able to start mine yet, so I can have yours and make it like a little souvenier from you, in my quilt!

BTW - Rad job on all of your blocks so far :-)

Kylie Lloyd said...

Hi Melinda. I don't think the block is that bad. When you put in the quilt will all the other blocks, you will probably be able to hide it amongst the others. Its such a shame that you have spent all that time on it and want to give is away.

Selina Marie said...

Are you kidding?!?! I love that! What fabric are the trees? I kinda think I want to buy some =) I think it's great, as well as the rest of your blocks. I have a lot of catching up to do on my farmers wife blocks. I've made it to number 14 so far.

Nic said...

For the block you don't like, why don't you switch out the tree squares for something else that makes you like the block.

Retrogirl said...

Incredible block...Literally jumped off the page at me. Love the turquoise because I think it brings out the same shade in the tree leaves.
Freakin' adorable. Maybe it will grow on you. =)

tasha said...

hi melinda!

i came to your blog from the flickr group...just hopping around a bit! i really love your farmer's daughter block and wondering if you can tell me what that cute fruit fabric is? is it still being sold? i love it!

i have my farmer's wife things out on the table right's sure fun!

quirky granola girl said...

hi tasha! i couldn't find you on flickr, so i'll have to reply here.
fruit fabric? the pink strawberry fabric is Japanese and i got mine from a friend in the Netherlands but threehoneybees on flickr said she found some on etsy. if you mean the blue and green berry/acorn fabric, i found that at Joanns. it is from the DS Quilts line called Sugar Creek.
good luck to you!

Nicole @ Patchwork Duck Designs said...

I love all of the blocks! You may want to keep the "ugly" block and wait until you have finished some more. Who knows, it might be perfect when you see it with dozens of other blocks! My least-favorite project included lots of brown and green was supposed to be "autumn-like" but looked like a mud puddle to me!

melissa said...

that first one is just amazing!

i hope you find a good home for your "intolerable" block!

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