Simple sewing

I've been sick with a cold and bronchitis for over a week.  And potty training with the little boy is not going so great.  But, I'm still taking a bit of time to sew some long straight lines with my sewing machine.

I'm quilting my Love, Love, Love quilt,

Quilting Love Love Love

I pieced my Baby Bliss top,

Baby Bliss

and I used up that enhanced Domestic Bliss jelly roll to make these quilt sections. 

Enhanced Bliss

Now, I'm headed back to the couch for a little more rest. 
I hope you and your family are staying healthy.


I've had the Emmeline apron pattern (from Sew Liberated) for a very, very long time. I guess I'm taking some of my new year sewing energy and finishing some other old projects, too.

Emmeline apron front

I'm so happy to have a good home for this kitchen print by Suzuko Koseki.  And the fabric for the back comes from the Curious Nature line. 

Emmeline apron back

Ben helped me pick the grass green contrast fabric.  For a man that has trouble matching his own clothes, he does a very good job and narrowing down fabric shades with me.

What were you up to over the weekend?

One year (plus) in the Cocorico Bee

My last block for the first round of the Cocorico Bee is another house block for Kerry.  (I made her one for the Ringo Pie Bee in June.)  She has received an eclectic mix of little houses.  I'm excited to see this quilt when it is done.

The Cocorico Bee started in September of 2011 and this round officially finished in December or 2012.  Round 2 is slated to start in June.  I'm taking some time to look back at all of the blocks I made over the past 17 months. Take a peek at the group if you'd like to see what the other members made.

j a Cocorico dozen

Been Busy

I've been working on my 2013 pledge to finish some old projects.  This first quilt qualifies since I started it last May. 

QAYG Retreat Quilt

It is a quilt as you go project trying various free motion and walking foot techniques from Amanda's workshop.  Practicing quilting on smaller areas was very helpful in learning techniques and testing ideas. 

QAYG Retreat Quilt

The back is linen and adds a nice cozy weight to it. 

I'm so used to making complicated Farmer's Wife blocks or intricate hexie projects that it was tough to motivate myself to put together these simple squares, but I'm so glad it is done. 

QAYG Retreat Quilt

This is not an old project but it is a very satisfying finish.  I love mixing vintage sheets and modern fabrics.  I especially like how the pastels and vintage florals really shine against the grass green.

Zigzag Baby Quilt

I (ever so) briefly considered having another baby just so I could use this quilt.  Instead I'll just have to be patient until one of my friends has a baby. 

Zigzag Baby Quilt

The back is another favorite vintage sheet.  It will be super soft against baby's skin.  The quilting is all walking foot zigzag parallel lines.  They look a little crooked after washing the quilt, but I still love the crinkly goodness of a freshly washed quilt.

Zigzag Baby Quilt

Here are both quilts on the hill in my backyard for their photography session.

Backyard photo shoot

I'm off to enjoy some sunshine with my little guy.  I hope you are well and happy.

Nearly a year in the making...

Ayumi had her month in the Ringo Pie Bee last year March.  And I let myself get intimidated.  Making a block for the queen of paper piecing can really affect your my confidence.  I got overly ambitious with the curved seams and y-seams.  And then I just lost a chunk of the block (still don't know where that went).

Finally it. is. done.

Ayumi's grocery store bee block

Ayumi's theme was the grocery store.  She especially wanted a cashier or cash register.  And, because it is for Ayumi, also the queen of cute, I pulled out the full force of my pink stash.

So, Gina wins the stamp guessing game with her guess of "teeny, tiny typewriter key."  I'll be sending you an email and then a scrap package, Gina.

On the opposite end of the piecing spectrum (from a block that was due 11 months ago), here is a baby quilt top (40x40") that I pieced in two days.  Granted the green is a jelly roll and I had sliced and diced my vintage sheets into various precuts a few months ago.  But going from zero to quilt top (and basted!) in two days is pretty impressive for me. 

vintage sheet zigzag

And, lastly, here is Henry getting off of the school bus today.  He is rocking in his school shoes just like Pete the Cat (Please ignore the part where I didn't get his shoes in the photo.  Catching my guy looking at the camera is quite an accomplishment.)

getting off the school bus

Your thoughts?

I need to extend the deadline for last post's guessing game/scrap pack giveaway.  You now have until Wednesday at 5pm EST.  I was cleaning my sewing studio all day and did not finish the paper pieced block previously mentioned.  I'm sure you all understand how that goes...

But, since you did stop by, I can show you part of the quilt top I finished about a week ago. 

New Quilt Top

It is now ironed and awaiting batting and a quilting idea.  I think it would look best with hand quilting but I'm not sure if I want to sign myself up for that.  What do you think?

the itsy bitsy spider

itsy bitsy spider block

Erin asked for a nursery rhyme themed block for her month in the Cocorico Bee.   I have always wanted to make a spiderweb block and this seemed like a great opportunity.  For awhile I was stuck on the imagery of "down the water spout."  As soon as I decided to skip the water spout in the block, the rest came together. 

down came the rain

I had initially planned to do raw edge applique for the raindrops with some dark blue fabric and then embroider the spider. But then I decided to carve stamps for them both and I'm happy with how they turned out. 

spider and web
The spider looks a little misshapen, but believe me when I tell you that it is hard to carve a realistic looking spider without it looking creepy.  Since this block is going in a new baby's room, I opted for blobby spider vs. spooky spider.

stamp carving 

You can see that I carved a few other stamps for an upcoming block (on the right in the photo above). If you can guess what those stamps represent, you get bonus points and a fabric scrap pack from me.  Or, if there are no correct guesses by Tuesday at 5pm Maryland time, I'll pick a random commenter for the scrap pack.

Yes, I am crazy.

 After I finished my hexie quilt, I thought it would be a cold day in heck before I'd pick some up again.  But they are so comforting on a smaller scale.  And I have so many of them ready in cool colors and in neutrals.  I'd hate for them to feel lonely in their bin in my craft room....

Crazy for hexies

I have been busy with some bee blocks, too.

snowflake for Anna

I have a few other bee blocks in the works, too.  But those cute green hexies keep distracting me.