Done with 3 out of 4

Poor Henry.  
He always gets short changed with the gifting because he lives here and he doesn't know any better.  I've been working on an I Spy quilt for him for almost a year now.  His was the first one, but now his is the last of four.  Below you'll see photos the third one.  It was finished this week.  
(Here are links to the first and the second I Spy quilts.)

mittens and mushrooms

full quilt

The fabric is on order to finish Henry's quilt.  He does walk past every pile of fabric in the house (and there are many, I'm afraid) and he says, "bwankie."  I think it is high time he get his own.


Kylie Lloyd said...

I know the feeling. My little man is still waiting for his quilts too.

SoSarahSews said...

Poor Henry...sounds like a song from a Broadway play? Get that boy a bwankie! How cute is that?!

My Owen is now two, and I'm holding off on making one for him, because his big brothers got theirs when they were 4, and they picked Miami Dolphins fabric. But he'll be moving to a big boy bed soon, so I guess he deserves one.

We're all rooting for you Henry! :) Btw-your quilts are too cute.

audreypawdrey said...

It turned out great! I love these quilts and you have such awesome fabric in there!

melissa said...

i love these quilts! you do such a wonderful job with them!

and i don't feel *too* bad for "poor henry" because he gets to play with each of the finished quilts before they go off to their new homes... just a little taste to tide him over until it's his turn.

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