Bee Finishes

I finished my last quarter for the 3x6 Bee in July, but I volunteered to make an angel block, so this is my last block for that bee.  I pulled out my sketchbook and drew a block of quarter square triangles and then drew a few lines and erased a few others and came up with this:

angel block

And the May Moms Bee finished last month but I was stalling biding my time before digging into this paper pieced block.  I used the paper piecing pattern from this tutorial.  I also used freezer paper and cut it 1/4" bigger than the original pattern piece and then precut all of my fabric so i didn't waste as much of it.  I have always loved this block, but Veronique sent some amazing fabrics for me to use.  I used all of the Japanese fabrics in the first block and added only a couple of red polka dots.

veronique block 1

I used all of the brights in the second block and added a few to balance the block to my eye.  I love how she chose a lot of white background prints which adds an extra visual layer to this block.  My eye has to scan it closer to see that pattern, and I love it.

veronique block 2

Now I just need to make the time to finish up some of my bee quilts. That would be quite an accomplishment.  :)


Lucy | Charm About You said...

All gorgeous. I love all the oranges and reds in the 3x6 block, I wish I was so good at triangles! Better go get some practice in... any excuse to sew!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Beautiful blocks!!

Ella said...

These are fabulous! I'm jealous of your beemates.

melissa said...

fantastic!! you're going to make some bee-ers quite happy i'd say!

i loved that angle block over in flickr and i love it even more now that i know YOU designed it!
have i mentioned lately how you blow my mind with your quilty-awesomeness?!?!?!?

Rebecca Lynne said...

I can't say the things that I am thinking right now as it isn't G rated...but when I saw that first paper pieced block I just about died and went my own personal version of paradise. Sigh, every post you get me with something... Thank you for the inspiration!

Amanda Jean said...

Those circle geese blocks are AMAZING in low volume colors. Just AMAZING!

I'm with you on your sentiment about finishing a bee blocks quilt. I'm working on trying to finish one and it's harder than it should be! Maybe because I have a deadline for it?! I dunno, but whatever the reason, I'm looking forward to that finish! It will feel like a huge accomplishment. :)

BijouxBaby said...

I came over from flickr. I'm so in love with the triangles block. Would you mind if I borrow the idea?

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