Six Months!

This guy is getting so big.  I know that is a cliche, but the surprise of a momma is very sincere.  When Henry's first two teeth came in I just looked at him in amazement and told Ben, "We made one that can grow and make things like teeth."  Ben said, "You mean we didn't make a dud?"

P.S.--Yes, that is a momma handknit.  Started in May before he was born but finished just in time for winter wearing and before he grows out of it.


melissa said...

happy half-birthday to sweet sweet henry!

the sweater looks perfect on him. how did you know before he was born that it would perfectly match his eyes?

Heather said...

Oh my, six months! I know that you have probably heard it about it a hundred, but savor these moments. I wake up every day and wonder how my children got to be 6 and 4. Time just simply flies. Happy half-birthday to your sweet little one

cmv said...

oh and he's just perfect! and so is the sweater! happy six months henry!

Anonymous said...

sweet sweater on a very sweet babe. happy half-year to henry!

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