2013 Roud up

Ever since I joined Instagram, I've noticed that I prefer to post the messy in-progress photos there and then post the finishes and the stories over here. Unfortunately, I haven't really had much for finishes lately, so this spot has been very quiet. The good news is that I just recently got my sewing mojo back, so here's hoping that I have more to post here soon.

In the meantime, I do like my year end mosaics. 2013 was declared the year of completion.  And I did complete 18 quilts!!

The picture above shows 16 and I also finished two other baby quilts for charity.  

In addition to the quilts, I made some more complicated containers, zipper bags, ornaments, a purse and some apparel!  This has been a big year for trying new techniques.  I still have a lot to learn, but this has been fun.

And, lastly, I had some bee blocks to make. Only 9 bee blocks made this year feel much easier than others.  But, can you believe that I still have one bee block to do...from April?  That should be first on my sewing list for 2014.  It definitely has to get done in January. 

So out of the 19 projects that I wanted to finish in 2013, I did finish ten and I made good progress on another four. But 2014 is NOT going to be another year of completing projects. I need some inspiration!  I have a lot of new ideas that I didn't allow myself to start in 2013 and I'm not waiting any longer.  I hope you find your inspiration to sew in the new year, too!


Hope said...

A fantastic year for you, wow. I will have to go find you in Instagram now. :)

Carla said...

I have missed you! Nice to see all your projects in one place. Happy new year

Linda F. said...

It is so great and inspirational to see your year of sewing all in one place. Good job putting it all together - both the projects and the mosaics!

The Calico Cat said...

Was that all this year? Time sure does fly.

Anonymous said...

I am continually blown away by your paper piecing blocks! And then all of these other finishes...how wonderful. I enjoy seeing both the process and the product!

Anonymous said...

you're amazing!!
what a gorgeous year end parade!! hooray!

Sarah said...

Finishing 18 quilts alone is amazing! and the all those other smaller projects, wow! I agree, we can't always work on finishing older projects. Sometimes we just have to follow that call to begin something new.

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