Good Sports

I asked Ben if he wanted a new winter hat or scarf or mittens this year as I was perusing pretty patterns on Ravelry.  He said he wanted an ear warmer and a neck warmer for when he rides his bike in the winter.  I thought I'd get a chance to pick a cool pattern or try some two color knitting, but no, he just wanted plain and 2x2 rib.  He dug through my stash and picked some Cascade 220 for the headband and then he wanted the Noro Cash Iroha for the neckband.

So, I took a break in knitting some fun stuff for me in order to keep him cozy.

But he is an excellent sport when modeling new handknits.  Here is his rock n' roll look,

the rock 'n roll

happy jogging man,

the happy jogger

and the Ron Swanson.

the Ron Swanson (minus mustache)


Beth said...


Britt said...

I miss you guys so much! We need to find an excuse to visit.

Linda F. said...

You're right, he is such a good sport. What a photo shoot! I'm glad you're keeping him warm.

Gina said...

Ha!! Fun photo shoot!!! I like the colors he chose especially the neckband. Looks like you are enjoying a pretty fall back east!

Anjeanette said...

Ben is awesome and so are you. I love how playful he is in these pictures.

Frederick Nunley said...


Anonymous said...

this made my day!!

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