Two pincushions down, one to go.

Poor Vanesa has had to wait eons for her "V" pincushion from my giveaway.  "V" is an easy letter to paper piece so I spent way too long trying to figure out how to make it more complicated.


I have some issues....

giveaway pincushion

This is the second draft.  For the first draft I made the same block to start, then I machine stitched around it to accent, and then I thought I'd try a curved corners triangle shape.  Disaster!  When I stuffed it, there were puckers all over the place and it was too big and hideous.  That was the first paper piecing I've ever done that went straight into the trash.

giveaway pincushion

But this version I'm happy with.  I think the hand stitching around the letter suits it just fine.  Vanesa asked for blues, so I used a 30's repro print for the letter and a blue Hoopla dot for the back. 

V is for Vanesa

(Charise's "C" pincushion is here.)
Sarah, yours is next on the sewing table.
The two curves in opposite directions for an "S" may be my most difficult piecing design yet. I have absolutely no need to further complicate that one.


melissa said...

love it! well worth the wait i'm sure.
and i have no doubt that you'll master that "s" and the finished cushion will be stunning. because that's just how you roll...

Suz J said...

The hand stitching is the perfect finishing touch. You could always do a straight sided "S" - I know, a cop out :(

Vanesa said...

It's perfect! The hand stitching is such a nice touch.

Anna said...

so darling. and you've been busy, love the paintbrush block too. :)

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