Truth time

I was encouraged by Jennifer to share all of the blocks I made last week. I guess it was a little silly to claim to be on a bender and then hold back some of my crafty craziness. I'm also sharing a few frank comments about the blocks as I go.

Four winds has sooooo many HST's but soooo worth it in the end.
farmer's wife sampler, block 38

I wanted the red key fabric to stand out on this block. I don't think I was successful, but I do like the overall effect of the tiny diamond DS fabric and the diamonds in the block design.
farmer's wife sampler, block 66

I may redo peace & plenty.  The blue ribbon flowers is a favorite fabric and I don't think this block does it justice.
farmer's wife sampler, block 64

This one seems a little jumbled with all of the prints, but I'm not touching it.  I love every square inch just as it is.
farmer's wife sampler, block 106

The point in the center of this spider web was wicked hard to get right.  But, I used my trusty seam ripper and straightened things out with some hand stitching.
farmer's wife sampler, block 83

This corn & beans block was a thorn in my side.  I finally finished it but those gaps in between the triangles may still merit some work.  Although, this block was so difficult that I may never be brave enough to tackle it a second time. 
farmer's wife sampler, block 22

I adore this one.  The color and tone contrast may be low but I love these two fabrics together.
farmer's wife sampler, block 87

I don't want to talk about how much I had to unpick on this block.  Let's just say that the one of the downsides of the Farmer's Wife book is the lack of instructions for sewing the blocks.  And parallelograms seem to be my downfall.
farmer's wife sampler, block 33

I paper pieced the quarters of this block. Even though I had to redo one quarter of it, this block ended up much faster than I initially expected.
farmer's wife sampler, block 97

This block is SO stiff with starch!  I didn't want a repeat of the corn & beans block fiasco.
farmer's wife sampler, block 43

When I saw the pattern for the bouquet block in the book, I thought I'd skip it.  But I love the goofy fabrics I picked so much that this block may be one of my new favorites.
farmer's wife sampler, block 8

The rest of the truth is that I'm not showing you how badly I goofed up two other blocks. You'll just have to be patient until I take more quality time with my seam ripper.


Prof. S said...

They're wonderful!!! I particularly like your "Waste Not" and "Garden Path" blocks from this set, but really they're all great. You did a wonderful job on "Corn and Beans"...that's a brutal one (says she who made it twice!). Keep it up!

And if it's any comfort, I'll end up with about four trashed FW blocks, ones not worth salvaging. Oh well.

Suz said...

Garden path is one of my favourites - although with your fabric choices, there's not been many I haven't liked. Do you have a goal/setting in mind? Would really like to see them all together sometime.

Krista said...

they all look incredible! i especially love the farmer's puzzle - worth all the unpicking, for sure. the garden path one is a close second :D

Jennie said...

I love your blocks - and your honesty. I tackled Corn and Beans (which I had been dreading) by breking down the entire block into HST units of 1" square. And the blocks with parallellllll..... I treated as if they were flying geese units by stitching a square on each end diagonally.... does that make sense? I love your star gardener block.
We should have a thread on the Flickr groups for cheats for each block!!! Well done on 11 blocks!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you made all these in one week, and even had a few throw aways!! They are super cute!!

melissa said...

well the truth will set you free they say....

gorgeous gorgeousness all over the place!! you are fabulous!

Linda said...

I am impressed by all your blocks and your tenacity in seam ripping to get them right. I wouldn't have the patience so WELL DONE!

Scrap,Quilt, Preach said...

Good for you for sticking with getting blocks done despite picking out stuff here and there. Maybe your diligence will inspire me!

Patchwork and Play said...

Your FW blocks are wonderful!! I'd love to see them all together! ANd I love it that you hand stitch some of the little boo-boos! I thought I was the only one in the whole world did that!!!

Becca said...

I nominated you for a Liebster blog award. Details are on my blog. :)

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