Branching out

I finished three more blocks from the Farmer's Wife book.   (psst: #59 and #57 are on my all-time favorites list)

farmer's wife sampler, block 59

farmer's wife sampler, block 51

farmer's wife sampler, block 57

But, I've also been branching out.  Many of the Farmer's Wife blocks I have left have so many fabrics and teeny tiny pieces.  Yet, I have many mid scale prints left that have to be in this quilt.

I have adored the Tallahassee block since Penny's paper piecing workshop.  I'm so excited by how this turned out.  Tutorial and templates at Quilters Cache(I couldn't get the templates to print at 100% with scaling turned off, but it worked when I scaled prining to 105%.)

FW extra block, tallahassee

The twelve triangles block was more fun than I thought it would be. I did the block math and piecing in my own way, but there is a tutorial for the block at Quilters Cache.

FW extra block, twelve triangles

I got the idea for the Twist block from Quilter's Cache, but I changed the size and changed the construction slightly.  I also wanted to fit more of the text of the center print in the block, so I used some pintucks on the back side of the fabric.

FW extra block, twist

Don't you just love the simplicity of Greek Cross blocks?  I used the tutorial by Faith at Fresh Lemons, but I changed the sizing.

FW extra block, greek cross

I have 31 blocks left in this project.  And my biggest issue is fitting all of my very, very favorite prints in.  I guess that isn't a bad problem to have.


Kylie Lloyd said...

Your blocks are so bright and fresh. I enjoy catching up with your progress reports.

Tania said...

Lady, I am blown away by your quilting finesse. One day I'm going to give this stuff a serious go (rather than my usual, hit and miss, strippy, scrappy, quilty approach...

Jennie said...

I love all of your blocks! I loev that we're now starting to find alternatives for the blocks that don't really do it for us - I love the simplicty of Twist (and the apple fabric!) and the greek cross block is fab, and Talahasee (I can't spell it) is so different - I can't wait to see all of our quilts finished!

Greta said...

They look lovely. I love that you are adding in even more blocks to really make this quilt something you will love. I don't have a plan for my Farmer's Wife Quilt yet but I know whoever it goes to if it doesn't stay with me will have to love it a lot because there is a lot of work in that thing.

Claudia said...

Wonderful blocks and I envy your stash. I'd love to see all of your blocks together ... s/b stunning. I'm taking a bit of break with my FW, but appreciate your keeping the flickr group alive.

Cassie said...

They are all lovely, but I love night and day. That is probably my favorite block of ever, and I think I need to make an entire quilt of it someday. Or make one really huge one, I don't know. And twelve triangles is a really cool block. Enjoy squeezing all your favorite fabric into the last 31 blocks!

melissa said...

love that #59!

and i'm glad that you're adding in different blocks so that you can use the fabrics that you want. such a clever lady to come up with the plan.
i love that 12 triangles. perfection!!

Freddie said...

I love 59 too. I saw the picture of all 90 blocks together and it stunning. Love your farmer's wife quilt.

Nancy Mc said...

You are beyond talented with your fabric/color choices.. Please pass that gene to me somehow..

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