Friendship Quilts Blog Hop

Diane of from blank pages... asked me to join in her blog hop.

The theme is to make any sewing or quilted item that looked like a friendship bracelet design.

So, I made this potholder for my friend, Tina.

friendship quilts blog hop

I met Tina in college, when I was far past my friendship bracelet stage.  She is the type of friend that you can bring a "big question" to and she'll hear you out without giving any opinion.  She'll listen, ask clarifying questions and then, when you ask what she thinks, she'll quote what you said right back at you.  Do you have a friend like that?  I hope so, because someone with that skill is so valuable.  Tina doesn't push any agenda on me.  She leaves me to make my own decisions.  She makes me giggle at silly decisions I made in the past.  But the biggest thing is that she listens so well that I can hear myself think.

friendship quilts blog hop

So, I made her this potholder.  She moved into her house last year and I made her a house potholder.  I guess I'm a single potholder kind of gal.  I just don't bother making the same design twice.  This time I used nearly all of the same fabrics as her first potholder and then I turned it into a friendship bracelet design.  Friendship bracelets are just lines and lines of pretty knots, so  I wanted that reflected in my block design.  each "knot" block on this potholder is 1x1.5".  I think the design would work better in a larger quilt project, so you may see this again.

friendship quilts blog hop

friendship quilts blog hop

But something you won't see again on this blog?

80's photo

A picture of me from the 80's.  Diane specially requested photos as a throwback to the age of friendship bracelets.  How about the huge glasses and the pale pink henley sweater.  It makes me shudder....

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Judith said...

Hello Melinda, I love your title for your blog and your potholder is a treasure. Thanks for sharing. Judith, Texas

Amy Friend said...

What a fun blog hop. I love your design and agree that it would look great on a larger quilt!

Toni said...

I'm sure you were so cool back then! And aren't big glasses back in style? I love that picture and your potholder is great, too! So glad you have such a wonderful friend!

Diane Bohn said...

I LOVE your potholder! It's beautiful! Great pattern too. :) She sounds like a keeper for a friend too. :) (love your picture! I guess I need to go dig a little deeper and find my school pictures too.) Thanks!!

mammafairy said...

Hate to tell you this, but those specs are right up there in high fashion again! It is Geek Chic, and the bigger the better just now... Pretty lass that. good memory lane stuff!

tartankiwi said...

What a great pot holder! I love the way that you created the "knots".

Kristy @ Quiet Play said...

Love the pot holder! Such a great pattern - it'd definitely look fabulous in a quilt design!!

Susan Snooks said...

I had big aviator glasses like that in the 80's too! fun pot holder!

Anonymous said...

How fun is that!! I love your potholder and the house one. They do go together so well.

Suz J said...

I think there are big glasses, and then there are big glasses. I had some big glasses like yours "back in the day" - and I think they should just stay there. Although one thing in their favour, they bring the entire world into focus, which you don't get so much with smaller lenses. Anyhoo - you are a brave, brave woman, and I don't think I'll be putting any of my 80's photos up on my blog in a hurry :0)

Danih03 said...

What a pretty potholder! I love the visual impact and can totally see it on a big quilt!

Susana said...

Guau!me encanta su diseño ,es tan sencillo y tan bello.Cariños.

Courtney said...

The potholder is amazing! Love the way you pieced it. That photo is priceless, you are adorable!

JanuaryT said...

Hi just popped over from the blog hop. I love your pot holder!!! I really need to make some cute ones for my house. Mine are a little less than pretty :) Nice to meet you Melinda!!

Carmen said...

That is an awesome block! It looks exactly like the friendship bracelets I used to crank out at a crazy pace. Oh, the memories! And don't worry, I also rocked the ginormous glasses. You were not alone. :)

melissa said...

i love your potholder.
i love that you have such a wonderful friend as tina.
and oh how i love 80's melinda! although it's hard to see you behind those ginormous glasses!!

Carolyn in Kentucky said...

Your potholder is adorable. This design will make a great quilt pattern. You have one lucky friend.

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