Digging, finding, sewing, packing, etc.

I'd like to start by thanking all of you for sending me good thoughts about packing and moving.  Henry is adapting fairly well so far, though we can see the effects of the change of routine.  We are making steady progress on the house, but Friday is coming up very quickly.

The very hardest room to pack up has been my craft room.  I tend to have too, too many ideas.  I make a lot of piles of random supplies with big, big plans in my head.  And then the piles beget more piles.  I feel like it was an archeological dig down in my basement to some of the ideas I had when we moved in six years ago (or before).  Anyway, in order to tie up some loose ends, I ended up sewing and cutting a lot more in the past two weeks than I had planned on.

I cut up all of the fabric for Ben's quilt and then packed it up.
boy's nonsense

I cut up some squares for a patchwork muted red, white and blue quilt.  I've had this idea swimming around in my head for 3 years and I finally collected enough fabrics for it.

all set to go

log cabin start

I had one starter block received from the 3x6 bee (mrssorrells2009 on flickr) and a stack of fabric that this block inspired.

I started by cutting the fabric into strips to make one large log cabin block. Then, instead of folding up the strips and putting them away, I just sewed them all into a quilt top.

AB and DS log cabin

I look forward to getting a batting and backing on that after the move.

I also dug up some quilt as you go squares from the Mother's Day retreat with crazymomquilts and I finished quilting all of those.  I hope I can get some of them sewn together on the car ride.

quilting squares from retreat

quilting squares from retreat

As I've been packing, the mail has been coming in with ornaments in the Trim the Tree swap.  I'm a lucky, lucky swapper this year!

trim the tree swap ornaments received

Oh gosh.  I'd love to chat more and show off more fabric and quilting and project pictures but I really have to get back to cleaning and painting and bubble-wrapping everything.  I have big craft plans for the drive and for the first couple of weeks before the boxes arrive by moving truck.  Cross your fingers that all of the knitting and hand sewing projects I have in my head will fit in our tiny little car.


Toni said...

Oh man, moving is the pits but it is so fun to explore you new area. We just moved and I definitely think packing up my sewing and crafting supplies took the most time and boxes. Good luck with your move and try not to get too terribly stressed!

melissa said...

i love that you're crafting right up until the last minute, squeezing in what you can before you have to pack it all away!

what a fantastic ornament swap!!

and if i know you i am pretty sure you'll find a way to get all the crafting you need packed into your little car!

Jilly said...

good luck with the move - have fun with all your hand work projects, and hang in there for Henry's adjustments - it will probably be an extra hard time for him and you.
Also I love the idea of just making the giant log cabin block - its gorgeous.

Nicole said...

Good luck on the packing, moving, and car crafting! I have been thinking of you lots as you prepare for this big change. I hope we can catch up after you get settled in!

Cassie said...

Oh man! I am dreading packing up all my sewing stuff, and I really should start soon! Good luck fitting all your hand projects in the car!

Heidi Staples said...

I absolutely adore the fabrics in your muted red, white, and blue quilt. Good luck with the move, Melinda!

Gina said...

I love all your projects and am impressed with your sewing productivity and organization as you are packing up and getting ready to move. I love your start on Ben's quilt! Happy moving!!

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...


Lindsey said...

Good luck with the move, safe travels!

Julie B. said...

Love the colors for your next quilt! Nice to know I'm not the only one that takes a long time to collect fabrics before making a quilt!

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