Simple sewing

I've been sick with a cold and bronchitis for over a week.  And potty training with the little boy is not going so great.  But, I'm still taking a bit of time to sew some long straight lines with my sewing machine.

I'm quilting my Love, Love, Love quilt,

Quilting Love Love Love

I pieced my Baby Bliss top,

Baby Bliss

and I used up that enhanced Domestic Bliss jelly roll to make these quilt sections. 

Enhanced Bliss

Now, I'm headed back to the couch for a little more rest. 
I hope you and your family are staying healthy.


Jilly said...

It all looks lovely!
Hang in there with that potty training - it can be a long, frustrating road. Give yourselves both a lot of grace (and keep a spray bottle of all purpose cleaner and lots of rags on hand - I'm sure you've figured that one out by now).

Wens said...

I'm impressed you can get so much sewing done while you're sick and overseeing potty training. Lovely quilts :)

Tamie said...

Feel better. The quilts are beautiful.

Debbie said...

Your quilting looks awesome! Hope you feel better soon AND hope the PT starts going better!

Cassie said...

Oh no! Sorry you aren't feeling well, I hope it ends soon. I feel you on the potty training, it has been going on here since august and she figuring out the peeing thing real quick, but she is bound and determined that pooing on the potty is the worst thing that could ever possibly happen to her. Okay tmi, but you are not alone is the point. I love your straight line quilting and the colors in your bliss quilt!

Aubrie S said...

Melinda, everything looks beautiful! I'm just getting over the cold and bronchitis--I hope you're getting as much rest as you can and you feel better soon! I look forward to hearing that the potty training is improving sometime soon :)

Heidi Staples said...

I hope you feel better soon, Melinda. It's so awful to be sick when you have little ones to care for. And potty training...been there. You do all the work to help them get it, and just when you think they've got it, they revert again. This is why mother's are the most patient people on earth...or so they tell me. :)

Kim with a K said...

Hi...sorry you aren't feeling well...and potty training...
I "found" your beautiful Farmer's Wife blocks and LOVE them!!!
Your Blockade block is amazing!!!
I'm now going to try my hand at paper piecing these blocks...
Thanks for all the inspiration and hope you are feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

so sorry you've been sick!

but man, your quilts are so colorful and gorgeous it has to make you feel a little bit better just looking at them! it's like having some springtime right in your house!

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