I swear I'm not all that productive

Yes, I have another quilt finished this week...but I solemnly swear that I'm a slow sewist.


This Habitat Triangles top was finished awhile ago, and then I finished Ben's quilt top. I basted them both within a week. I did most of the quilting on this quilt, then did all of Ben's quilt and then came back to Habitat Triangles for the last touches. And then I bound both of them in the same week. Ben's birthday was my deadline for his quilt (June 1st, but I was late, of course.) and we get to visit my niece this weekend out near Seattle, so I had to finish hers before the trip. So, I was just working two quilts in tandem the whole time.

a couple of weeks ago

The quilt uses the fat eighths from Jay McCarroll's Habitat line from the MQG challenge from fall of 2011.  I got my challenge fabrics and I got stuck, stuck, stuck.  The only idea I could come up with was for a modern, dark city scape with a few lights in the windows and graffiti everywhere.  The idea in my head was pretty cool, but I just couldn't figure out how to execute it.  So I put it down for a l-o-n-g time.  And then I found the little stack a couple of months ago.  I had some Kona cerise out on my sewing table and when I saw the two together it finally clicked for me.  I dug through my solids bin for dark and bright colors and just stuck with simple HST's. 

quilting detail

The border fabric is Kaffe Fassett shot cotton in mushroom. 


The backing and binding fabric is Moda Bella Solid in prune.  That sounds like an unappealing color name, so I'm assuming it is an old color by them.  If anyone is up on the current shades of Moda Bella solids, you can feel free to correct me.  Anyway, it is very hard to photograph well.  Just know that the back is deep, deep purple and the stitching on front and back are the same cerise color as the fabric you see on the front of the quilt.


So, two large twin quilts finished in one week, but I'm not not trying to be obnoxious. Big quilts take a lot of time and effort--sometimes months, sometimes years.  I get such big ideas when I read blogs and then I get a complex when I can't finish things as fast as it seems that other people do.

And even though I finished two this week, I was kind of grumpy about it.  I do not have the skills to do machine binding in anyway that isn't ugly.  So I felt stuck to my couch tacking the binding down by hand.  And I really, really wanted to start some other things.  So, now that the deadlines are over, I get to give a pretty quilt to my niece.  And then I get to move on to other projects and other ideas.  I hope to show some cool things here soon. 

But I can't leave this post tempting new ideas and grumping about sewing binding, so instead I'll leave with pictures from Henry's birthday.  I haven't posted pics of him in some time.  We took him to a gluten free cafe in Baltimore so he could pick out his own birthday cupcake.  

He woke up in time for a GF cupcake at Sweet 27 in Baltimore.

I think he liked it.  Now he keeps saying, "We could do birthday for Baltimore!!"

Open a...little...bit...wider!


Lucy @ Charm About You said...

LOVE the quilt! Habitat is one of my favourite fabrics! Henry is so cute, adorable big eyes looking at that scrummy cake!

Kylie Lloyd said...

I love hand sewing the binding down. What an effort to get 2 quilts finished. I'm with you. Slow and steady

Anonymous said...

I love how you quilted this one!!
Happy birthday, Henry, that's a yummy cake, mmm...

Sarah said...

Very cute! Big blue eyes, like my kids too. The quilt is great. I've quilted in that design before. I love it, but wow it took a long time and used a lot of bobbins.

Anonymous said...

oh henry... happy late birthday sweet sweet boy!
(and how fabulous to have a gf bakery to go to!)

loving your niece's quilt!! you're the best auntie!!


capitolaquilter said...

The shot cotton mushroom is so perfect for the quilt. I've gotten over the "ugly" of machine binding for charity quilts but still enjoy stitching by hand for gifts. I'm amazed how taste gluten free cakes can be, obviously he thinks so too.

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