Quilting up a storm

I'm quilting Ben's quilt,


I'm quilting one for my niece,


And I'm hand quilting my Americana quilt with black perle cotton and adding some xx's in with the regular stitches.


This is how it looks on the back.  I'm making the diagonal stitches through the layers so you can't see them.

i love the back!!

Once I finish binding the first two quilts, I'll probably put down the hand quilting for awhile. I really feel the need to piece something soon.

How about you? Do you ever get stuck in one stage or another of the process? Are you in a dreaming, cutting, piecing, quilting or binding phase? Or maybe that is just me..


The Calico Cat said...

I am perpetually thinking about the next project. I have fabric that has tertiary plans associated with it!

Cutting - I love the cutting phase.

the ark said...

LOVE the idea of mixing in those "x" stitches--now why didn't I think of that?! Good thing you creative types are out there to make me re-think the same-old, same-old!
P.S. I HATE making the quilt sandwich...so, I am stuck with a LOT of flimsies.

Archie the wonder dog said...

Oh, I love that hand quilting!!! I like to try to always have some piecing on the go - something I can pick up and put down when I feel like it but I don't always manage to have something prepared!

Patchwork and Play said...

I try to balance things out by cutting and machining in the daylight hours, hand stitching and hand quilting at night. Then I dream of new projects when I go to bed! Or during a boring meeting at work!!!!

MCA said...

Your Americana quilt is so inspiring. I've been watching its progress from back when you first pulled the fabrics for it. I am working up the nerve to hand stitch an entire quilt and this project is really motivating!

Suz said...

Definitely. As I don't cut a whole project at once, and I've always got multiple projects on the go, I can do whatever I feel like at the time. At the moment it's starting something new, while trying to get something old done too. Tula Pinks 100 modern block quilt-along... need I say more!!

Frederick said...

Ben's quilt is looking fine, love the black pearle quilting especially since you are adding tiny X's in the lines. I think it's interesting to see the lines going in two directions on the back very fun idea which you might see turn up else where one day soon.
I am machine piecing one quilt and hand quilting this week. It's nice to have a few things going.

Beth said...

Those all look fantastic Melinda! That hand-quilting is beautiful. I used to just work on one project start to finish but recently I find myself having a few things in different stages going on at once.

Sarah said...

Nah, it's not just you. I am always in a dreaming phase, reading so many blogs and magazines getting ideas, and it's really all I have time to do. My love is the piecing phase, so I have so many tops made and in the process of being made. I'm not as keen on quilting, but when I do get the bug I get maybe say four done at a time, and then I need to be in a binding phase! I've learned to machine bind so you can hardly tell they are done by machine, and that finishes up the quilt so much faster.

Anonymous said...

gracious woman these are all fabulous!
i am in complete love with the x's you added on the last one - what a clever girl you are!!
and the purple on the back of your niece's quilt is making my heart swoon!

Hitch & Thread said...

Those tiny xx's are fantastic! I dream all the time but unfortunately will never have enough time to make all my ideas.

Alli said...

I love the way you're hand quilting with the little x's! :)

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