Sparkling Pond

Over the weekend, I had a wonderful opportunity to sew with some friends from the DC Modern Quilt Guild.  We had a retreat at Mary's Quilt Shop in Bedford, Pennsylvania.  Bedford is the cutest town and Mary is a wonderful hostess.  Her retreat space is gorgeous!

I love an unscripted retreat.  I brought along three unfinished projects and all were made better with great company, amazing food and ample uninterrupted sewing time.

DCMQG Retreat friends
Mari, Jessie, Linda, myself and Anjeanette of the DC Modern Quilt Guild

I'm showing just one project today because I finished my Sparkling Pond quilt!!  I cut the fabrics for this in December 2010 and the last of the binding was stitched on August 2013.  That is a long, long time---but so worth it.

As usual, it is hard to capture the colors of a quilt in photographs. 

Sparkling Pond

This photo was taken on the side of the Espy House in Bedford.  The building is notable for having been the headquarters of George Washington and his forces in 1794.  I like the texture of the stone wall and the texture of the quilting in one photo.

Sparkling Pond

The brick wall is just on the other side of the alley and it makes a pretty great backdrop, too. 


I made a selvages string block for the bottom corner of the quilt.  I want to make a label to include all of the sewists that contributed a block to this quilt from the It's Sew Easy Bee-ing Green Bee.  I'm debating between printing fabric with a computer, stamping or making a screen print.  I definitely don't want to embroider that many names.

Selvages block

Tomorrow I'll post some progress photos of the other two projects I worked on during the retreat. 


Linda F. said...

Somehow it's hard to believe those photos show the quilt hanging so straight. Anjeanette and I were cracking up on the other side holding it up! The quilt is really beautiful and I'm so glad that you got it finished after all the hard work of almost quilting it twice.

Tamie said...

This is really beautiful. I love the string blocks and have a strong calling to make some. Thanks for sharing.

Anjeanette said...

Ha! I agree with Linda. I'm pleased with how it came out flat in the picture.

It was a great time at the retreat.

All of your projects turned out lovely.

Anonymous said...

hooray for a fun weekend away with your quilting friends!! it sounds like you all had a lot of fun!!

and oh my, sparkling pond turned out perfectly!! and as with most every one of your quilts, the back is just as lovely as the front!
i loved watching this quilt come together (i even think we were in lacrosse once when you were working on it? back in the welch motel days...).
wonderful work my friend!

Heidi Staples said...

Wow!! The quilt is gorgeous, and I'm so jealous of all that beautiful sewing time! :)

Angela said...

It's really just so beautiful! Congrats on another amazing finish. You are just doing so well tackling all of these UFOs and completing them beautifully

Amanda Jean said...

you finished it!!! it is AMAZING! and how great does that feel now? sometimes I think the longer the quilt takes the more you appreciate it. :) it's a beauty!

Sarah said...

The quilt is amazing! Hey, it's normal for a quilt to take that long to finish isn't it? It is here! The old stone wall is beautiful too.

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