Baby Quilt 3

As I mentioned yesterday, I have another strip quilt to show today.  I've heard that charities get lots and lots of girl-themed baby quilts and not many boy-themed ones.   I have a TON of blue and green and gray fabric, but many of them are still floral or cutesy in a way that doesn't work. 

But I had this Tula Pink fabric that was just itching to be made into a quiet boy quilt.

Baby Quilt 3

Both today's quilt and yesterday's will be sent to Bundles of Joy.  BOJ is a group of knitters and crocheters on ravelry that send out new baby items to the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  Pine Ridge spans the two poorest counties in the United States.  The blankets and quilts sent by Bundles of Joy are first used by the babies born on the OB ward, then they are used by the elders as lap blankets or wherever they are needed to provide a little extra warmth and brightness.  I know that these quilts will be used and reused and that makes me very happy. 

I have one last baby quilt to show in this series of potst but I have to finish up the binding.  So maybe I'll post tomorrow, or maybe the next day.  After that, I think there will be a long baby quilt lull over here.


Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

I love the idea behind the Bundles of Joy charity, and love the quilts.

Frederick Nunley said...

Bundles of Joy sending to the Pine Ridge Reservation sounds so RIGHT! What a wonderful charity cause. They are in for some great quilts this year. Thanks for sharing all your charity work this month it's inspiring.

Anonymous said...

oooh this on is my favorite! i love the soft, soothing colors!
you're going to make a baby and his family very very happy!

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