Still finishing things

Back in January, I declared 2013 as the Year of Completion.  Well, I've been chugging along on my quilting UFO's (unfinished objects) and have made great progress.  I've been pretty good about not starting new quilt projects, too.  There have been a few garments and a couple of baby quilts for gifts, but I have really held back in starting new epic projects.  (Beware, I have two big ones in mind that I will probably start in January 2014--maybe even when the clock strikes 12:01am....)

So, all of this is to say that I've been a very good girl.  And, earlier this month, when I was so sick of staring at the same sewing projects that I had to wander off, I picked up some old knitting WIP's (works in progress).

I finished mittens that I started 21 months ago.

Nearly done with mittens that I started 21 months ago. #handknits


I finished a charity baby knit that I started 11 months ago.

Tiny sweater. #babyknits #finallyfinishing

And then I tried to finish a sweater that I started over five years ago.

Well, my knitting gauge is much smaller than it was five years ago, and I'm (ahem) not smaller than I was five years ago.  So, the size I had cast on for was incorrect at this time and then I knit one front of a cardigan that was 2 inches narrower than the other side.
My last old knitting WIP. I started this in 2008!! It is a Hey, Teach! cardigan in Berroco Inca Gold.

So, I had to rip out all of this delicious texture. (sad face)

I have another plan for the yarn and I'm already 11 rows into it.  I'm cheating on my old quilting projects, but the fall winds demand that I knit, so I'm listening.


Michaelanne said...

I am so glad I found your blog!!! :) What a HUGE undertaking to unravel that sweater....It was so pretty! I have quite a pile of WIP's too...Last week I did the same thing to two of them!!! I am a fairly new knitter (1.5 years!) Your work in sewing....and knitting is very inspiring!!! I will add you to my blog list:))))

Anonymous said...

So sorry you had to unravel!! Your knitting is so good!

Linda F. said...

Well, that knitting really looked beautiful, but if it wasn't going to be able to be completed, it's great that you recovered the pretty yarn to use for another project.

Amy Friend said...

Oh, that must have hurt. I'm sorry!

Beth said...

Sadly, I've done the same unraveling.

Carla said...

I miss my knitting. So many quilty things to finish. Your mittens are wonderful. Love the shade of green. I think I have a baby sweater that I started two years ago. Hmmmm where is that....

Anonymous said...

I have unknit many garments...some after they were fully completed. I figure that the yarn deserved a better way to show itself off? What will it become?

Anna said...

Sorry to hear about the unraveling, but yarn should be turned into something you can actually use, so it's for the best. Congrats on the mittens and baby sweater though, they look great.

Anonymous said...

i like it when you knit!
the mittens are so lovely! and i love the baby sweater!

i'm excited to see what the sweater yarn will become!

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