Not for our baby

This is a long overdue gift knit for a friend's baby, Oliver, born at the end of December. (Luckily people seem more willing to forgive my lateness these days.) I don't think Oliver will remember since he hasn't been able to keep his eyes open on the other two times I've visited him.

I forgot to add the knitterly information about this sweater (thank you for the reminder, Marjory). This is a free pattern from f.pea--she generously shares free and very cute patterns on her blog. (She currently has a baby cardigan pattern that uses leftover sock yarn that looks tempting, but, I digress.) This is the Organic Guernsey pattern, 6 month size, and made with Plymouth Yarn Encore, worsted weight on size 7 circulars.

I'd like to add a big "Happy Birthday!" to my dad today. If he wasn't 6'1" and didn't hate sweaters, I might have knit him one of these and been terribly late getting it in the mail. Happy Birthday, Dad.

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marjory said...

Melinda, what a beautiful sweater, and what a great job you did on it. A treasure for your friend and her little boy! Love the pattern...willing to share?

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