Sewing Lessons

This month I had three private sewing lessons to learn how to sew knit fabric and to sew apparel.  I've tried making clothes before, but they never fit right.  The biggest thing I learned was to make the first version in a fabric that you don't care about.  If it turns out, great.  If not, adjust the pattern and make it your own before making version two.

Here are the first shorts I made for Henry.  The pattern was from the 70's and had super wide legs, so I took them in (roughly) but they still work for jammies.

Here is the second version of my own pants pattern.  The first version I made with crummy flannel and this last pair was out of junked t-shirt of Ben's.  
I like how these cover and stay up over the bulky cloth diaper.

Lastly, here is a t-shirt for Henry made from one of Ben's old shirts.  This one turned out well the first time!  You can bet I'll be making more when my quilting bees are a little more caught up.


melissa said...

this is fantastic melinda! i am so impressed with you and your sewing!!
i love those navy pants, henry just looks too too cute!

Anna said...

Beautiful garments! You did a great job (and Henry is cute as always) :-)

~*Jessica*~ said...

Those look great!!

cmv said...

what great ideas! you've got the perfect model too!

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