The most satisfying craft project EVER!

I am drowning in craft projects for the holidays.  Are you?  Just in case you are like me, I thought I'd share one of my recent projects that went really smoothly.

I dyed some playsilks for Henry.  These are 35x35" hemmed pure silk (from here), and kids use them for imaginative play.  They make lovely land or sea or snow playscapes.  They can be used for capes or scarves or blankets or for peek-a-boo. 

I used the procedure listed in this tutorial.  The tutorial calls for packets of unsweetened Kool-aid for the dye.  My kitchen smelled like piping hot Kool-aid with a tinge of vinegar for the night, but that was the only drawback.  Two sets of silks were dyed and drying in my basement and the kitchen was cleaned up within an hour and a half of starting the project.

The flavors and number of packets I used are listed below.
blue: 2-3 packets blue raspberry
green: 3 packets lemon lime and 1/2 packet of blue raspberry
red: 1 packet black cherry, 1 packet tropical punch
purple: 2 packets grape
orange: 2 packets orange (I'd use 3 next time.)


Have you done any satisfying (and quick?) crafting lately?  Do tell.


melissa said...

ooooh - what gorgeous rich colors! fantastic!!

i have done nothing quickly lately.... i'm just poking along, pretending christmas isn't just around the corner. (i'm about to kick it into high gear though.... i hope.)

krista said...

melinda, you're an inspiration! thanks for getting my crafty juices going. merry christmas to you and your lovely family.

krista (kat's sister)

cmv said...

what a great idea! love those bright colors. they must be so much fun to play with, they're so inviting!

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