My turn again!

It is my month in the It's Sew Easy Bee-ing Green Bee.  The blocks are trickling in to my mailbox and also steadily making their way off of my machine.

I cut about a billion strings to mail off to the Green Bee participants. And then I cut another billion more for me. I made the three blocks below. For each block I tried harder and harder to group colors to make them look less balanced as a block so that the whole quilt would have some variations and interest. 

Last week,  I received my first block from bee member, Sharon, or neshamamama. (The tape with the name is only temporary until the quilt top is finished.)

Then I used some sniglet scraps to make some strings and I made this block.

And here is how the first seven look together.

I swear that I tried to make an ugly block just to see if it would work in the final quilt.  With these fabrics, it just doesn't seem possible.  I'm so, so, so pleased with how it is turning out.  The final quilt will have at least 30 blocks, so I'll try not to bore you again with a block-by-block update.  I can't make any promises, though.


Anna said...

It's becoming gorgeous!! The more string block quilts I see, the more I want one too!

Sarah said...

Love it! I can't get enough of the string blocks so post away :)

Donna said...

Your blocks are gorgeous. It's going to be a fabulous quilt. I'm particularly in love with the greens.

Donna said...

Thanks Melinda for the comment on my blog. Doing a lot of blog catching up at the moment and I found you via the Quilting Bee Blocks Blog which was via flickr which was via another blog which was via somewhere else……..I’m sure you get the picture.



melissa said...

oh melinda - that last picture takes my breath away! what an amazing quilt you are making.

i especially love the block with all the selvages.

cmv said...

wow that looks spectacular! and please keep them coming! we want to see all 30!

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