Special Request

I've had a couple of requests lately for Henry photos on the blog.  It has been quite awhile.  He's much harder to capture on pixels now that he is constantly moving.  (He was outside in his pajamas at 9pm tonight, trying to shovel the driveway--despite no snow and 60˚ weather and past bedtime.) Also, the poor guy has been off and on sick for six. lousy. weeks. now.  I hope that next week can start a l-o-n-g fever-free, doctor-free, antibiotic-free time for him. 

Anyway, I caught some still-ish moments last weekend.

park 1
park 2

And Ben and I took him swimming on Sunday.

my blue eyed boys
pool 1

Alright. Now that the Henry fix is taken care of, it is back to craft posting tomorrow.


lily boot said...

what a cutie! the look on his face as he comes down the slide is adorable - it's such a lovely age :-) Sorry to hear that he's been ill lately - hopefully the warm spring weather will feel him with energy and good health

melissa said...

yay for henry photos!!
i tell you melinda, he's just so completely adorable, i just want to scoop him up and kiss those sweet sweet cheeks!

cmv said...

yay! henry photos are always welcome! those big blue eyes are just too much! lovely to see you and your family too!

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