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I bookmarked a few "I Spy" quilts when Henry was tiny.  I loved the idea of sitting down with him and poring over the pictures in fabric and telling a story about them together.  Over the last year, I've been collecting bits of cute, modern prints for the quilt I'd make him.  Then, I found the I Spy fabric swap in January and was able to swap to get 200 different prints by trading fabric with other people.  I've also found personal swappers to exchange novelty prints with.

Well...somehow.... my original idea of one I Spy quilt has turned in to four.  

Henry's still isn't finished yet, but this first one is.  

It is for the son of my friend in Finland.  I usually like to send books as gifts for little ones, but the pictures in these fabrics are perfectly translatable. 
on the line

I chose to do solid white checkerboard pattern in between the other blocks so it would look more cohesive and brighter. I did diagonal straight line quilting through the white squares to add texture and interest to the solid and to leave the prints uninterrupted.

Henry was fascinated almost immediately. 

And here is the label. 

I hope you enjoy it Suvi and Jäppinen!

Also, can anybody tell me that I'm not the only one to take a simple idea and multiply it 
into something four times bigger?


LindieLee said...

Lovely quilt! Did you make the label yourself?

Veronique said...

Great concept, I had never heard of it! And now I want to make one too :) How can I add this to Pinterest?...

Sarah said...


melissa said...

oh this is fantastic melinda!
i just know it will be loved and treasured for a long time.

tusen said...

Lovely and I can imagine how much fun your friends son will have with so many beautiful fabric "pictures"
I love the pieced binding, too.

audreypawdrey said...

It is so beautiful! The pieced binding is perfect, and she is going to love it!

Jen said...

This is by FAR the cutest I-spy quilt I have ever seen! You're inspiring me!! Thanks for sharing. =)

Lynne (Lily's Quilts) said...

It's such a great I-spy quilt because of the checkerboard thing you did so it looks really great too

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