Swaptastic 2

For the seventh round of the Potholder Pass Swap, there was an option to make a shopping bag rather than another set of potholders. I chose the Wrap it up bag pattern from Penny of sewtakeahike.  I used a bottom weight brown fabric and home decor weight County Fair from Denyse Schmidt.
bag side 2 bag side 1

(Sidenote: this pattern is great.  It calls for quilting weight cottons which are much lighter than the fabrics I chose.  I struggled with turning it right side out and with getting the strap to fit to snap it up.  That was all because of my fabric choices and not the bag pattern.  Word to the wise: do as the pattern says and not as I do.)

Then I wasn't sure what to send as a package extra.  My partner did have quite a few tree quilts in her favorites, so I thought I'd try one out.  I originally planned on making a mug rug, but it ended up too big for that.  At around 7 x 14" it counts as a small wall quilt. 
extra, mini quilt

extra, leaves

I hope she likes it.

Have you ever participated in a secret swap? 

It is a challenge to make something that inspires me but that also fits in the tastes of my partner. 
And, having never met my partner in person, am I getting the right "read" on her? Do you ever get nervous when you send out a swap package? Or any other handmade gift for that matter?


Amy Friend said...

FYI, I had a hard time turning the bag too even with quilt weight cotton AND I made the strap an inch longer and found that worked better for my second bag. I too love the pattern but I think that the strap could stand to be longer. And Jeannie suggested turning the bag from the top of the bag and the straps separately...maybe I will try that next time.

melissa said...

love love LOVE that bag - especially your handstitching details.

but that tree quilt, swoon... absolutely wonderful!
i'm glad it came out bigger than you originally intended - it's far too pretty to put a mug on, and heaven forbid someone would get a coffee circle stain on it! :)

audreypawdrey said...

The bag is great! The handstiched details really make it extra special. I need to try that pattern out and order it from Penny. The tree is so beautiful!

Julie said...

I ADORE the bag and the tree quilt! I am so so so lucky to have been your partner :)

Also, I'm really enjoying your blog - will be adding it my Google Reader.

Thanks again for spoiling me :)

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