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I Spy Quilt #2 (of four).  I finally got this quilt out to Henry's buddy, Oliver.  He's two and a half, so I doubt he'd have seen a post about it, but it still seemed like bad form to show off a quilt online before he got to open it.

Close up of some of the prints for the front.  I used Kona medium gray for the solid squares.

close up

I used an IKEA solid for the back and Connecting Threads solid for the binding.

And the full quilt:

Oliver's I Spy quilt

Here is Henry's recent accomplishment.  I heard him working hard on this from the other room.  When he was sticking the pegs in the holes he said, "almohts," and then, "did it."  After awhile I went back in to the room to check out his handiwork.

me:  "Tell me more about this, Henry."
Henry:  "EYES!!!  eye, eye, eyes!"    

So true.

Henry's accomplishment


Kylie Lloyd said...

love the potato head. Its gorgeous

Katherine said...

hi melinda...negligent friend here. happy belated to henry! and ben too! i will catch you on the phone sometime the meantime, happy creating, and summer time ease to you all!

audreypawdrey said...

It is beautiful-the quilt, not Mr. Potato.:) He is also very unique. You are doing so great with these i-spy quilts!

Amanda Jean said...

I love the I spy quilt. it's so happy and fun. that kona grey is a lovely color!

mr. potato head is awesome!!! i love that you recorded it here on your blog. i just love watching/hearing my kids play. it brings me so much joy.

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