Potholder Pass

If you are interested in joining any sewing swaps, I highly recommend the Potholder Pass swap 
run by the talented Amy.  This group has been branching out beyond potholders to 
occasionally include tea towels, sewn shopping bags, and now coasters.

coasters for swap

This round also had a theme of "My House to Yours for the potholders. 

potholders for swap

I had two separate partners as you can tell by the differing color schemes. 
It is nice to sign up for a small project challenge every now and then.

Today we got a ton of apples from a local orchard, so I know what my handmade challenge 
will be tomorrow--canning applesauce!


Kleep said...

I love all of those! The houses are so cute. And, the colours in the first one are simply wonderful. Your swap partner is lucky!

ayumills said...

Those are so cute, Melinda! I especially love the red + aqua ones! Love the solid binding on the house potholders too! I just signed up for the swap group, hehe!

melissa said...

fabulous melinda! i love the color scheme of the first set, and those houses are just amazing! i love the one with the owl peeping out of the attic!

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