Late Costume Post

Henry was Officer Buckle for Halloween (from the wonderful children's book Officer Buckle and Gloria).  He's been talking about Officer Buckle for many months now, 
so this costume seemed like the way to go.

Officer Buckle

I bought a boy's size 5 shirt from Goodwill and cut off the sleeves and cut down the sides to fit him and then put it back together.  I used the extra fabric for the tabs on the shoulders.  Then I got some silver jeans buttons to add some "flair".  I made the belt with two compartments and sewed a sewing tape measure in one and a film canister in the other and added a plastic buckle that I had lying around.  
The police hat was skipped because there was no way he'd leave it on.


The Saturday before Halloween is the children's costume parade in our town.  
Ben took Henry since I was sick that day.  Henry's stuffed dog is standing in for Gloria. 

at the park

They hit the park swings and slide after the parade.

the officer and "funny faces"

Henry has been enjoying the pumpkins and says, "big pumpkin!" every time he sees one.  
Jack o' lanterns are called "funny faces!"

I hope your Halloween was a blast, too. 


Debbie said...

So cute!

melissa said...

i can not stop looking at his mustache and glasses - to freakin' adorable!!

Kelly O. said...

too cute! we love that book here in our house too!

Anna said...

hehe, that's a hilarious costume, love it!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Far too cute - thanks for sharing!

Lindsey said...

AAA! I love the slide picture. What a cute face he is making there. Great costume!

lily boot said...

Oh my!!! I'm practically clapping my hands with delight - what an absolute sweetie! He looks so gorgeous - it's amazing what a moustache and glasses can add to a wee boy. He looks ever so chuffed. And what a shame you were sick :-( I hope your feeling much much better now. xxx

Shannon said...

SO CUTE!! I don't even know which one is my favorite - I think it's a tie between the first super-serious face (he actually looks like a very small, not-so-amused cop!) or the one where his glasses are crinkled up in his smile! Love it!

Carmen said...

Melinda! Henry looks absolutely adorable! He looks like a very small man, haha!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

ADORABLE!! I love the serious first picture and the big smile at the end! :)

marjory said...

Made me laugh out loud. He's a sweetie, Melinda!!

cmvs said...

oh my goodness. i don't even know what to say!! TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!! love it!

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