The kitties have moved in!

I finished renovating the house for Henry in the early morning hours of Christmas Eve.  

outside of house

In addition to the painting, three rooms got new wood floors and two received new "tile". 

kitchen and green bedroom


The kitty family moved in on Christmas morning.


Henry's excitement made everything totally worthwhile.  The kitties have been very busy trying out the stairs, the potty, the bathtub and the bed (under the covers, of course).  And, we've mostly dissuaded Henry from crawling into the house or using it as yet another percussion instrument.

I hope your holidays were joyous.


Amy Friend said...

Fantastic! I bet he is thrilled!

Cassie said...

That looks amazing!! Glad he is enjoying it :)

Karen said...

This is so dang cute :)

Rachel at Stitched in Color said...

Oh my gosh - you did an awesome job! What a lovely gift. I love seeing kids given something gloriously not-plastic.

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Sooo cute!! The house is looking GREAT and I love those Calico Critters families...they represent a pretty narrow idea of "family," I know, but they're so darn cute. (My own family rendered as Calico Critters would be quite a menagerie!) My older daughter had the bunny family when she was little. I might have to adopt the hedgehogs.

melissa said...

oh melinda - it turned out PERFECT!!!!!!
you are the most amazing mama ever - henry is so super lucky to have you!!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Oh, how cute is that video?!!

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