Mom's Pillow

Kerry's and Leila's recent posts about making pillows got my mind whirring.  Naturally, I thought I'd try to make one for my mom.  This was so fun that I might become a pillow addict soon.

mom's pillow

I used Kerry's pattern and put my own twist on it with 
added angles, quilting, zipper closure and and put a star on top of the tree.

mom's pillow

The star is from an IKEA print and I put a little red hand stitching around it.

mom's pillow

For this project I put in my first invisible zipper.

mom's pillow

My mom is so excited about the pillow, and that made it easier to let go.


felicity said...

Ooooh nice zip! The whole pillow is marvellous, actually.

{Leila}Where the Orchids Grow said...

It is gorgeous Melinda! I'm going to have to try the invisible zipper next time, it does look neat!

Anonymous said...

That is a really cute pillow and I love invisible zippers!

melissa said...

this is perfection melinda. no other word can describe it.

Kleep said...

That is absolutely stunning. Well done!

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