Sun to photograph by

I swear I haven't seen the sunshine for a week or more.  But this morning the sky is clear and blue.  Finally, it is a good day for quilt photography!

This was my initial sketch for a quilt for our friend (soon to be one year old!) Miles.  I bought some water themed fabrics and tried to include them all in the quilt plan.

initial drawing

Soon after starting my piecing plan, I realized that the prints were too bright and with strong contrast.
They needed more solids to balance the design. 

The turtles and the zig zag stripe are from Wendy Slotboom for In the Beginning.  The whales are Anne Kelle Urban Zoologie.  The octopus/whale/submarine print and the school of fish are from Cosmo Cricket Snorkel.  The big bubbles are Jennifer Paganelli Bell Bottoms.  The solids are Kona white, Connecting Threads ocean mist and marine (I think marine is discontinued).  
The quilt is bound in the marine fabric also.

I made a lot of adjustments and added solids as I went along with the cutting process.  
I think it worked out. 

swimmy quilt for Miles

I hope a certain one year old likes it!

(Photos of this quilt were brought to you by sunshine and a patient husband 
willing to stand and hold up a quilt on a frosty morning.)


Archie The Wonder Dog said...

Love the quilt - there's so much interest and I think you got the balance of prints and solids just right! He's going to love it!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Gorgeous!! I love all those fun prints and the solids are perfect. I love that marine colour.

Kleep said...

That's so cute! Great work, so pretty :-)

melissa said...

love it!!
i especially like the peep into your planning notebook.
you're a genius.

Anonymous said...

lovely sunshine and lovely quilt-- the special one year old is sure to love it!!

Amanda Jean said...

what a wonderful and happy quilt! i love how you added in the solids with the fun prints. it gives it a very nice balance!

I also LOVE your drawing! the quilting geek in my gets very excited to see things like that. :)

Angela Nash said...

Wonderful gift - I LOVE seeing you graph paper plan. I think I love colored pencils, math and graph paper about as much as quilting!

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