Teeny, tiny bits of knitting

I recently was fumbling with sock yarn and size 0 needles...all so Henry's kitties could be cozy.

My friend Britt came over last weekend and we designed the tiniest little sweater I've ever seen.  I typed up the pattern on the ravelry project page if you are curious.

kitty sweaters

These are the mommy and daddy kitties of Henry's kitty family.  

When Henry plays kitties,  they do a lot of "seeping,"

kitties "seeping"

going to "tubby" or going potty.  (Going potty involves the kitty standing and smashing into the toilet.  We still have some work to do on potty training the kitties with less violence.)

one kitty in tubby and one on the potty

When I play with the kitties with Henry, they like to hold hands or do a little dance. 
Maybe it is a happy sweater dance?

kitty sweaters

I think this pattern could work for any of the Calico Critters families.  They all seem to 
have the same body shape.  Getting the sweater over the head and ears and the arms in is a 
challenge.  I can't picture Henry removing these any time soon.  

I haven't tackled the sweater pattern for the little boy and girl of the kitty family yet.  
I think it can wait.  Henry is now more interested in shoving them through the windows 
and down the stairs of the house.  Fun, fun :)


Rebecca said...

Oh my Gosh! those are adorable!

When you posted about your dollhouse, I was reminded once again that I need to / should post pictures of our dollhouse. Finished it up last spring. Except for the front door, cough. We have the bunny family.

Aren't those calico critters so darling? I wanted the elephant family.

verykerryberry said...

Hilarious! We have had these cats- Sylvanian families is what they are called here- how you got the sweaters on without breaking their tales or pulling a head off is quite an achievement!

Nic said...

Too funny :)

Toni said...

Those are awesome! And to be able to get them over those big kitty heads and still look like sweaters took some talent!

melissa said...

ak! these are too too completely adorable!
you did a wonderful wonderful job!

maybe the brother and sister want to wear cardigan vests? then you wouldn't have to knit the teeny sleeves and henry could get them on and off a lot easier..

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...


Tania said...

Utter fabulousness! The bees knees! The cat's pyjamas!

Cassie said...

So cute!!! I try and stay away from things that involve such small needles and yarn haha. They look really awesome :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

Fabulous idea!

Freddie said...

I love these. My daughters love their Sylvanians but find it annoying that they can't have different clothes. I did try to make some outfit for them but they are so small...

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