Vacation crafting

We just got back from a lovely trip to California to visit Henry's grandparents.  I have many beach photos to sort through and Henry thinks he should just be able to play at the ocean every single day.

Margene stayed home but my knitting needles came along for the trip.

two vests

madtosh little dress

These projects were inspired by the Ravellenic Games, a knitting challenge on ravelry held during the Olympic Games.  To participate, you set a goal for yourself and cast on during opening ceremonies and cast off during the closing ceremonies.  For the 2010 Games I did colorwork and weaving.  This time I planned a barbie dress and a toddler vest.  The toddler vest ended up big enough for a small child and then I made a second for a baby.

I was a couple of days late for cast off but that's okay.  Isn't it amazing what a person can create with sticks, string and time?  I also forget how relaxing knitting is.  And then I pick it up and discover the joy all over again.  Sometimes it helps to be so forgetful :)

Do you knit?  Are you on ravelry?  I'm quirkygranolagirl there, too.  I'd be curious what knitting you are up to if you decide to share.


Diane Bohn said...

These are amazing! I'm on ravelry, but I don't think I've done anything. I don't ever remember what my user name is. I've knitted a golf club cover for my hubby once. I started a scarf for Hunter and it took HOURS just to do the first 10 rows so I gave up. It amazes me what people can do with knitting. Maybe one day I'll have the patience to learn. :)

Anonymous said...

I knit but not like you knit!! you are awesome!
I have a few things on ravelry and am quiltgrl.

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Of course you're am I, curled up on the sofa with a bit of a summer cold and some toe-up socks :) I'll take a photo soon. I'm motherbunch on ravelry but haven't touched my account in at least 3 years :( I had the sudden urge to cast on yesterday; were you sending me mind messages, missy????

melissa said...

love your milos and that dress is so lovely!
glad you enjoyed your vacation and were able to find the peace and joy in knitting again!
(how are your wrists holding up?)

Cassie said...

your knitting is so impressive! I am so stinking slow! I just started knitting my first pair of socks, and so far so good. I am cdavisshannon on ravelry, but I am terrible at updating as I go, I only think of it when I am done.

Britt said...

Isn't it great how a deadline focuses the mind? I just cast on a fingertip towel ( for a housewarming party in a couple of weeks. But I got so much done this weekend I am confident it will be finished with time to spare.

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