Magnum P.I. mustache close up I have Tamiko as a partner in two bees and she asked for Magnum P.I. or Hawaii-themed blocks for both bees.  I've already sent her the aviator sunglasses block.  I also signed up for a mustache block.  I've wanted to make this block since June.  I really have been pondering this one for that long.  

My dad is a tall guy with naturally wavy red hair that has only gotten darker with age and he's had a mustache for nearly all of my life (for a short time he had a short beard, but then he went back to the 'stache).  I had this specific picture in my head of a big, textured mustache that I had the hardest time translating into a block.  I’ll tell you, Tom Selleck’s mustache is a tough one to depict by itself without it looking like a turd.  I knew I could never depict a face in fabric and starting with flesh-colored fabric gave me the willies.  So, I thought of my dad's super short jeans shorts from this era and chose a similar fabric as a background.  Then I used some thread to show where the nose and lower lip might be to ground the rest of the block.  I hope it looks right.  I asked my husband what he thought and he said, "It looks very Selleck-y."  Good man.  

I encourage you to check out the other blocks made for Tamiko in the Ringo Pie Bee by Kerry, Leila, Charise, and Amber.  And here is a selection from the Cocorico Bee by Leila, Kylie, Muriël, and Amy.  It is a very creative theme, even if I couldn't tolerate watching the show for very long.

Do you have a favorite show or movie that you'd like to see translated into quilt blocks?


Alli said...

Oh wow, your block is brilliant! Just the whole thing -- brilliant! :)

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Yay! Well done!

melissa said...

okay, i have to say that you totally win, because when i looked at this not even once did i think of a turd!

i love this oh so much!!

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