Fields of Green

One of my favorite things about my home state of Wisconsin is driving on the highway and seeing the fields planted on either side of the road.  I love the plowed dirt, the rows of yellow-green seedlings, the half grown plants all deep green and healthy and the late season plants that start turning olive green before the fall.  Green is the largest part of my fabric stash and my scraps.

A friend of mine is a CSA farmer in Wisconsin and she just had a baby.  I've never made a monochromatic quilt before but this time I just had to try.


Lots of different greens and then the organic lines of quilting seemed like a good fit.  And I love the bright veggies on the back.


Here is a picture of the quilting lines after washing the quilt.

after washing

This one measures 44 x 48" and features a thin batting which makes it a good light summer quilt.  I hope that my baby farming friend likes it.



Rachel said...

This is just gorgeous! I really like that little block tucked into the corner too!

Linda F. said...

I love the idea of the pieced green blocks representing vegetable fields! (Another) wonderful quilt!

Frederick Nunley said...

Monochromatic I can see the many colors in the one and enjoy looking for them. Nice source reference the fields of Wisconsin. This lovely quilt is going to make someone a happy warm friend!

Anjeanette said...

Melinda, I love it!

Sarah said...

I live in a rural area of South Australia. Wisconsin sounds very similar. Miles of flat cropping land. I'm not sure what CSA is? We grow mostly wheat and barley here, with canola and legumes too. Your quilt is perfect for a farmers child.

Colleen said...

Saw this quilt on Flickr and had to visit your blog :) I love green and modern and this is a perfect combination. Love it!

Anonymous said...

this is fabulous melinda! as a fellow lover of the midwest (and of green) i have to say this is a perfect quilt!
and also, i kinda wish i was a farmer who just had a baby so you were sending this quilt to me instead! :)

Archie the wonder dog said...

It's fabulous!

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