(Nearly) Instant Gratification

First, I want to thank all that commented on my last post.  I did finish ripping all of the stitches in that quilt and I'm working on the new quilting today and tomorrow.

But first...I needed a quick, satisfying little project.  Knitting for Barbie to the rescue.  I had the shorts and skirt made since October, but poor Barbie needed some tops to look decent for her photography session.

knitting for Barbie

knitting for Barbie

These will be heading out (along with the two outfits from this post) to a young friend that will put them to good use.  The patterns came from this site.  The shorts are #0095, the skirt is #0039, the burgundy shirt is #0292 and the orange shirt is #0275.

And now, back to quilting straight lines...


Lucy | Charm About You said...

Ohh best Barbie outfits ever! The second one is very 'Mad Men'!

Toni said...

Such stylish Barbies! I love that you relax by doing something that would drive me completely insane!

Charise said...

Omg....so dang cute! I can't imagine knitting something so small : )

Anonymous said...

i love that knitting shorts for barbie is relaxing to you!
but i know someone who will love it even more when the package arrives!! i haven't shown her the photos because i think a surprise is much better in this case!

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