March Recap

Two posts in two days may sound a little too crazy, but here goes nothin'...

In March:

I KNIT A SWEATER!  I don't mean to holler but I LOVE it.  I really really really do.  It isn't finished in this picture but you have to believe me that it is done, ends weaved in, blocked, and I wear it in all of its squishy, yummy, colorful glory.  I have a big crush...on my own sweater.  (Now I just need to gather the courage to take a picture of me wearing it.)  The pattern is Practically and is available on ravelry. 

I have about four rows left!!

I finished my last bee block for the Ringo Pie Bee and this one was for Penny (sewtakeahike) who was the one that taught me how to design my own bee blocks in the first place.   No pressure or anything.  I am very happy with how this one turned out.  I used a crapton of different techniques on it.  That seems to be my thing.  My little odd person niche in the world is to use a crazy number of techniques in order to realize the vision of the block in my head.  And that works for me.

My last #ringopiebee block for Penny at sewtakeahike.

We've been working a lot in our new community garden plot on warm days

and then we get a few more snow days.

I'm generally sick of snow days,  but Henry has been beside himself with joy all day.

I'm trying out sewing hexies by machine.  There is a big plan in the works for this piece!

Just the start of something good... #hexies

And I've had a few secret gift projects up my sleeve this month.  My first gift reveal gets it own post...very, very soon. 


Lucy | Charm About You said...

What a great month! That block is totally amazing!!

Unknown said...

You inspire me.

Kleep said...

The colour of that sweater is gorgeous!! And that blog block is to die for. Wonderful work.

Carla said...

That red yarn looks absolutely delicious. So rich! Lovely hexies too

Anonymous said...

okay, now i want to be tiny and 2D so i can wear that shoe!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Melinda! I love all your makings. You obviously have an uber creative gene. Thanks for inspiring me.


Sew Hungryhippie said...

I loooove the clog block! Do you have a pattern for sale?

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