Bzzzzzzzzz Blocks

You got a sneak peek at a couple of these on my first WIP Wednesday post, 
but I just have to post all 6 of the 3x6 bee blocks together.

3x6 bee block for sunnyauh 3x6 bee block for fallingforpiece
3x6 for razberiswrl 3x6 for snail girl
3x6 block for Junco's Nest 3x6 bee block for modernbasics1

This pattern came from Erin at Two More Seconds. I love the tutorial for this block.  
Easy yet very satisfying results.

June Sew Buzzy

Here is my Sew Buzzy block for June.  Shayla asked for squished 9 patch blocks.

My last bee block today is my very, very favorite.  I'm afraid that the photo doesn't do it justice, but you'll have to trust me that it has the perfect mix of subtlety and "pop."  Lael in the Sew Easy Bee-ing Green Bee requested wonky star blocks for her picnic quilt.  I started with the idea of a star within a star and then decided that i wanted the outer star to be "chunky" to leave me more room to play with the inner star.  I am SO in love with this fabric combination.
You may see something like this pop up on the blog again.

June Easy Bee-ing Green Block


Kylie Lloyd said...

Love the blocks and colors in the bee blocks.

melissa said...

what a fun lineup of bee blocks!!

if i was *forced* to pick i'd have to say the blues/oranges are my fav.

sewtakeahike said...

You have been a busy bee, Melinda! Your first blocks are really so pretty and happy, but I agree. The last block is my fav too. I love the 1/2 border around the center star. It adds such a nice touch!

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