I caught the bug.

I lost my knitting mojo for a couple of years.  The only reason I finished those legwarmers were because I was cleaning and came across my dusty knitting basket and figured I could finish the last 4 rows and a cast off.

back of mitten

But now I've been knitting every day for a week.  In fact, I've been itching to get the needles in my hands.  Strange, huh?  I ripped back this mitten because the decreases at the top were leaving holes that I didn't like.  Now I've started again in the same yarn with the Templeton Mittens pattern (ravelry link).  I'm knitting with sport yarn on size 0 needles.  That makes the mitten extra thick and narrow and squeezy.  I love how it is turning out.

palm of mitten

But, the real reason that I've caught the knitting bug again is this:

the prettiest yarn in the universe

Aren't those colors to die for?  I've just found Madelinetosh yarn and I may never buy another yarn again.  This Tosh Marino Light is absolutely amazing.  It will become a delicious stripey shawl.  Rest assured, I'll post photos when I have a good start on the shawl.

Happy winter crafting to you! 


melissa said...

oh yay yay yay!!
is it selfish that i'm glad you've caught the knitting bug again?

that madelinetosh is amazing - can't wait to see your shawl!!

Amy Friend said...

Whenever I see yarn, I start getting grand dreams of knitting...it's resulted in a pattern and yarn for a sweater that I haven't yet made. I need a local knitting friend so I have help when I make mistakes!

Cassie said...

ooo that is some pretty yarn! My knitting is on hold so I can bind my huge farmer's wife quilt, but I am with you. There is something about winter that makes knitting just the perfect activity :)

angela said...

THat is quite THE yarn, isn't it? I see it all over the place now. Do I dare find some to touch? I don't need any more yarn!

Becca said...

I don't knit, but I've seen that madelinetosh yarn and I want it. It looks so luscious. There was an orange color I wanted.

Anna said...

ooo, those look so adorable! I'll have to pick your knitting brain, since I feel like a total knitting dork right now. :) I don't know hardly anything!

Archie the wonder dog said...

Beautiful yarn! And I love your green mittens!

Kat said...

you have such perseverance for those darn little needles. and what beauty results!

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