Knitting Tiny Things

Do you ever yearn to knit something little but interesting?  Do you have a lot of sock yarn leftovers?  Do you have a young friend that loves handknit garments for her dolls?  If so, you must go see all of the Barbie clothes patterns on this site.

knitted Barbie dress
The site is in Swedish, but the patterns come as PDF files and can be downloaded in English.  There are over 1000 patterns on there.  This purple dress is #288.  If I knit it again I'd make the skirt longer and use a larger needle for the bodice because my stitches were too tight there. 

knitted Barbie dress
This dress pattern is #99.  Again I'd make the skirt longer if I knit it again.  I wonder if the designs were made for vintage dolls that had different measurements than today's dolls.  With a little tweaking, some size 0 needles and some quality yarn, these patterns turn out really cute. 

I had no idea that I'd have this much fun knitting tiny tiny clothes.  But, if you get inspired to try it out, too, let me know. 


Ginette said...

My mom used to knit and sew clothes for my Barbie dolls. I still have them all and my girls play with them. Your dresses are very cute! I love the colors!

Beth said...

Very cute!

melissa said...

as the mother of the recipient of these gorgeous dresses i can say they're even more darling in person!
and as a mother who normally eschews barbie for, among other things, her tarty wardrobe, i can say thank you melinda for knitting barbie clothes that are both stylish and respectable.

Prof. S (the enchanted bobbin) said...

Thanks for the link, Melinda! We have a sorry set of Barbies, left over from Chloe's early childhood, hands and feet well-chewed by our old dog Django, but back in action now with Frida....They deserve some jazzy new dresses ;)

marjory said...

Thanks for the link, Melinda! I love knitting tiny things and have a few grandkids who might like some wardrobe additions.

Unknown said...

Thank you Melinda ,for accepting my invite. I would love some free knitting patterns for barbie dolls , for my Gorgeous grandchildren , have a wonderful day

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