Short on words

Today's picture is not my sewing.  I am blessed to receive these blocks from the ladies in the Pastiche Bee.  If you click the link you can look through all of the bee's blocks and see which block belongs to each quilter.  The produce we have featured left to right and top to bottom are leeks, cherry tomatoes, blueberries, chard, pumpkin, flowers, eggplant, cabbage, honey and a pear.  Mmmmm...

farmers market theme

Lastly, Ben is out of town visiting his folks this week so it is just Henry and me.  If you have any extra patience laying around, could you send a bit this way?  Henry shows how much he misses daddy with extra tantrums.   And we still need to make it until late Friday night.


elnorac said...

Wow! You lucked out with wonderful blocks! I love the honey one best!

Good luck with the tantrum thing :))

Jilly said...

definitely sending extra patience . . . it is so hard when dad is gone and everything is different.

felicity said...

Sending you some extra patience, Melinda. What lovely blocks you received from your fellow Pastiche sewists! Amazing, actually!

Kylie said...

These are all gorgeous Melinda! Love the pear :)
I'm sending you all my patience but can you send me some too please? It's holidays here between terms and we have a ridiculous amount of sibling fighting and tantrums going on!! I sympathize completely!
My son just told me that he'd like a peanut butter sandwich but that I can't make it because only Daddy makes it right (Daddy's at work)!

Dan R said...

Oh my gosh I love that chard... and the pear... and the lettuce. They're all great!

Ginette said...

Nice blocks!
I am sending you every bit of patience I have! I know it is not easy... just remember to breath and don't be afraid to give yourself a time-out if you need it. Hang in there!

Frederique said...

Great blocks! Love the eggplan, cabbage and pear. Well done!

melissa said...

love these blocks!
sending you lots of love and all the patience i can spare (i do have a brownie meeting tonight, so i have to keep some patience stockpiled for that!)
and it's thursday!! you're almost there! you can do it!!!!!!!!!!

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