Been Busy

I've been working on my 2013 pledge to finish some old projects.  This first quilt qualifies since I started it last May. 

QAYG Retreat Quilt

It is a quilt as you go project trying various free motion and walking foot techniques from Amanda's workshop.  Practicing quilting on smaller areas was very helpful in learning techniques and testing ideas. 

QAYG Retreat Quilt

The back is linen and adds a nice cozy weight to it. 

I'm so used to making complicated Farmer's Wife blocks or intricate hexie projects that it was tough to motivate myself to put together these simple squares, but I'm so glad it is done. 

QAYG Retreat Quilt

This is not an old project but it is a very satisfying finish.  I love mixing vintage sheets and modern fabrics.  I especially like how the pastels and vintage florals really shine against the grass green.

Zigzag Baby Quilt

I (ever so) briefly considered having another baby just so I could use this quilt.  Instead I'll just have to be patient until one of my friends has a baby. 

Zigzag Baby Quilt

The back is another favorite vintage sheet.  It will be super soft against baby's skin.  The quilting is all walking foot zigzag parallel lines.  They look a little crooked after washing the quilt, but I still love the crinkly goodness of a freshly washed quilt.

Zigzag Baby Quilt

Here are both quilts on the hill in my backyard for their photography session.

Backyard photo shoot

I'm off to enjoy some sunshine with my little guy.  I hope you are well and happy.


Aoife said...

Both of these are lovely - totally different to each other, but both gorgeous! If I had to choose between them I'd have a really hard time :)

Anonymous said...

Your quilts are great! I especially love the baby quilt... I have 1 more to make for a friend! Stitch on! :-)

Karen said...

Your QAYG quilt is awesome! I love the linen fabrics you used for the back. They really make the quilting textures pop! :)

Gina said...

The QAYG quilting is awesome! That shade of green on the baby quilt was the perfect choice of background. The backing is gorgeous as well!!

Heidi Staples said...

Both of these quilts are so lovely! It's fantastic to see your quilting on those simple squares. I really need to start practicing!

melissa said...

these are oh-so-lovely melinda!
can you send some of your finishing prowess over to me, i'm fizzling out over here!!

Claudia said...

Beautiful finishes! Sometimes it's nice to just let the fabric do the talking although I can totally relate to your comment about working on less complicated projects.

Anonymous said...

I love the contrast with the solid colors and the bright sheets! Great job!

✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

I just got a layer cake I want to use with green, just like your quilt, so I went back to find out what green you used. Is it Kona or Moda? I found Kona green grass on and was thinking of using that. I would appreciate any input! Thanks!

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