One year (plus) in the Cocorico Bee

My last block for the first round of the Cocorico Bee is another house block for Kerry.  (I made her one for the Ringo Pie Bee in June.)  She has received an eclectic mix of little houses.  I'm excited to see this quilt when it is done.

The Cocorico Bee started in September of 2011 and this round officially finished in December or 2012.  Round 2 is slated to start in June.  I'm taking some time to look back at all of the blocks I made over the past 17 months. Take a peek at the group if you'd like to see what the other members made.

j a Cocorico dozen


Amy Friend said...

What a great collection of blocks Melinda. Thank you for coordinating this bee for us.

verykerryberry said...

Oh sweet Melinda! What a lovely addition to my town of houses! It looks pretty great in your block mosaic too. Thankyou so much xxx

Elizabeth said...

I think all of your blocks are brilliant! I've watched them as they appeared, and I have just been wowed. Love your vintage sheet quilt, too.

melissa said...

oh i love all these blocks, but i think that cow has completely stollen my heart!

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