Yes, I am crazy.

 After I finished my hexie quilt, I thought it would be a cold day in heck before I'd pick some up again.  But they are so comforting on a smaller scale.  And I have so many of them ready in cool colors and in neutrals.  I'd hate for them to feel lonely in their bin in my craft room....

Crazy for hexies

I have been busy with some bee blocks, too.

snowflake for Anna

for Krista (lolablueocean)

for Krista (lolablueocean)

I have a few other bee blocks in the works, too.  But those cute green hexies keep distracting me.


Archie the wonder dog said...

Oh, you can't leave those hexies to get lonely! They'll feel abandoned if you don't make them into something wonderful so you'd best get cracking ;o)

Kylie said...

I love your green hexies (my favourite colour)! and how gorgeous is that snowflake block. I love the little snippets of the blue print you put into it. So special :)

felicity said...

You're hexie-crazed for sure! The bee blocks are gorgeous - I love the fussy cutting of the Modern Meadow in the X+ block especially.

Frederick said...

your not crazy... you are hooked... It looks beautiful in a whole different way to the other beautiful blocks. Thanks for sharing them all!

Heidi Staples said...'re so right. That's exactly how they are for me too, Melinda! :)

melissa said...

that snowflake is amazing.

and i'm glad to hear you're not stopping with the hexies... you and the hexies make magic together!

Jennifer said...

Does that snowflake block have a pattern somewhere?

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