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I had a great time sewing with my guild this weekend.  And I finished some Farmers Wife blocks!  I've mentioned before that I'm redoing some that I have made already.  A few people have mentioned that I'm crazy, and I'm pretty comfortable with that.  I do have reasons behind my madness, so I thought I'd share a little bit of that here.

  log cabin

I made the log cabin block above and wanted to change it immediately.  It just doesn't shine.  I like the balance of the design and the colors in the aqua and cerise version of courthouse steps a lot better.

courthouse steps

 farmer's wife sampler, block 19

I like this checkerboard okay... but I don't love it.  The colors don't mix well and the background is boring.  I do, however, love the yellow, pink and gray version below.

farmer's wife sampler, block 19


The red, yellow and gray in the ribbon star above always looked too creamy together and didn't sparkle the way some of my other FW blocks did.  Then, I made the text and green version below, I am much happier.  Green has been my favorite color for a long, long time and more of my green stash was begging to be included in this quilt.

ribbon star

 farmer's wife sampler, block 88

I made the red and yellow star of hope block to challenge myself to use a color combination that doesn't speak to me very much. still doesn't speak to me.  But the typewriter fabric below?  That just screams cute and it had to be in my finished quilt.

farmer's wife sampler, block 88

farmer's wife sampler, block 52

I don't think you can tell how bright the above version of hovering hawks is.  I had to turn the color saturation down so far just so the picture didn't vibrate off of the computer screen.  The shades of blue and orange in that block remind me of elementary school markers and I think the rest of my Farmers Wife quilt is a bit more subtle than that.

Plus, I found that stinkin' adorable bunny fabric below.  Maybe putting adorable bunnies on a "hovering hawks" block isn't wise, but it sure looks cute from here.

farmer's wife sampler, block 52

Thanks for letting me jabber on about my Farmers Wife blocks again.  I just have five blocks left!!!!


Unknown said...

I love all your choices! It will be stunning for sure when it's all finished.

Krista Schneider said...

Glutton for punishment! I agree with all your do overs except the ribbon star, I think the original was fantastic! I appreciate your perfectionism though, I'm the same way! How exciting that you're almost done!!

Wens said...

Ooh so nice - ha I love how you say putting bunnies on the hovering hawks block isn't a good idea :) Your quilt is going to be gorgeous! I only have 30 to go, but they are proving the toughest (mentally!)

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Perfection! :)

Susan Snooks said...

I love all your little blocks! But the grey, pink and yellow really appeal to me! I am making my museum medallion in pinks and yellows (with a little lime green thrown in!) The Star of Hope is a great block too!

Kleep said...

I think that every change is a great one! Sometimes, things just don't work out, and that's ok! Look forward to seeing the whole kit and caboodle.

Cheryl said...

Melissa from Knitting Sandwich suggested that a popped over to see your Farmers wife quilt. I'm glad I took her advice. I've just started mine (and my journey into patchwork). Your blocks are fabulous. I'm planning on using a dark background, so it was good to see your back lit quilt top. look forward to seeing it all pulled together. (Rabbits on the hovering hawk, appeals to my sense of humour.)

Frederick Nunley said...

Amazing, I like your revisions and understand that you want them just right in the final quilt top. What do you think will happen to the left over blocks that didn't quite meet the inclusion standards?

Beth said...

Your blocks are so great! I've made less then 10 of the blocks so far and I definitely plan on redoing at least two of them already because of fabric choices so I don't think you are crazy!

Anonymous said...

well as long as you're happy, i'm happy, and i don't think you're crazy.
the new blocks are fantastic, especially the ribbon star and the hovering hawks.
at least if the hawk swoops down to grab a bunny you'll have enough leftover to keep the block looking adorable!

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

the bunnies on a hovering hawks block cracked me up. They are looking good!

Little Lady Patchwork said...

I am glad that I am not the only person who remade several of my FW quilt blocks!

Thanks for sharing,

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