Pulling it back together

After Henry got better, then Ben got sick and then I got a lesser virus...but we are finally all well in the Granola household. Thank goodness!

Since I've been spending so much time on the couch, I've been making good progress on my Mommy Neighborhood quilt.  Here is part of the back.  The large print houses are an IKEA fabric.

back of Mommy Neighborhood quilt

And here is a peek at one house on the front.  I have to find more fabric to finish the binding and then decide if there is any more quilting that I want to put in or take out.  I definitely put in too much in some places so I'm walking a fine line. 

peek at front of Mommy Neighborhood quilt

Tonight everyone was well enough that my husband and I went on a date! It is our first once since November. A new and already dear friend watched Henry. Henry was already having a rough, rough day, and she did not get to see his best side. As we left the house, Ben paid my friend the highest compliment: "Wow. She's pretty fearless." She got on Henry's good side by feeding him bunny cookies on a wagon ride and playing in the park sandbox for hours.   And Ben and I got to go walk by the lake and eat sushi.  It sure is nice to feel like myself again.

Thank you all for the cheerful comments and birthday wishes.  We hope to go in to DC to see the cherry blossoms blooming tomorrow.  I hope to post some cheery cherry flower pictures here.


Jilly said...

so glad you got a break!

elnorac said...

Your quilt is awesome! I'm dying to see the whole thing! And that's all hand quilting, right? Yummy.

Great that you had a date. Every couple needs those!

Archie the wonder dog said...

I'm so glad you're all feeling better and I can't wait to see more of your lovely quilting!

Gina said...

yay for everyone on the mend, a fearless babysitter and good friend, walks by the lake, sushi, and awesome quilts!!!

felicity said...

Sounds like just the break you all needed. I love what I can see of your houses.

Frederick Nunley said...

What a rough week your family has experienced but it's nice to hear things fell into place for a spring evening date that refreshed your outlook. The Mommy Neighborhood Quilt is looking spectacular.

Kleep said...

Glad to hear everyone's on the up and up. Love that backing and the quilt so far!!

cinzia said...

so lovely i want to see more. the quilting is so great!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous quilt/quilting!
and double hooray for a healthy family and date night!!

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